which animal gives both eggs and milk?

which animal gives both eggs and milk?
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which animal gives both eggs and milk?, Duck-billed contain a peculiar combination of traits, including their name sake mouths, Beaver like tails and webbed feet. Living inside ponds, lagoons and rivers, duck-billed platypuses consume water insect larvae, crustaceans and some plant fabric. While young, platypuses boast teeth. But teeth are absent from the adults, who instead use a pair of horny plates located in the jaws to crush and chew victuals. Adult male platypuses have grooved spurs, attached en direction in favor of venom glands in their legs with the intention of are likely worn in game with other platypus males.

The duck billed platypus is single of the two mono drama species in the creature kingdom – they are mammals that lay eggs. In addition, the female of the species also nurses her young for three to four months. The males of this fascinating species what’s more have a venom flutter in the front of their hind feet. Duck Billed Platypusis the only animal that can provide milk as fighting fit as eggs. It is a semi aquatic egg-laying mammal widespread to eastern Australia, counting Tasmania.


Answer is =Duck Billed Platypus


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