Swami Vivekananda On Education|Thought and Quotes|

swami vivekananda on education
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Introduction of Swami Vivekananda.

                                                                                    Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest philosophers and intellectual India ever produced. And he born on 12th January 1863 at Calcuttaat and died on 4th July 1902 at Belur Math. His original name was Narendranath Dutta. So he had put Hindu religion on a high pedestal and became famous during the parliament of Religion in 1893 at Chicago when he greeted “Brothers and Sisters of America”. And also he introduced the Indian philosophies of Yoga and Vedanta to the western world. Swami Vivekananda on education, established Ramkrishna Mission in 1897.And he instilled self confidence and a feeling of pride in the Indian people about their rich heritage.  So swami  had given the new life to Hindu religion. And urged people not to follow superstitions and be fanatical about religion and believed in the Unity and quality of all the religion.

He opposed untouchability velmentaly and said that, “we are neither Vedantists, most of us now, nor puranicy nor tantrics. We are just ‘Don’t-touchists. Our religion is in the kitchen and our God is in the cooking-pot and our religion is ‘Don’t touch me, I am holy. And if this goes for another century, every one of us will be in lunatic asylum”.

swami vivekananda

Books Of Swami Vivekananda On Education

  • Lectures from colombo to Almora (book)

when swamiji reached at colombo, (which is  as sri lanka today) after visiting the west, on 15 January 1897 . And at that time he visited many indian state and finally reached at almora and swami vivekanada gives the lecture,and that whole lecture was wrote in this book called lectures from colombo to almora in 1897 and contains 17 lectures of swami vivekananda on education and spirituality.

  • My master (book)

On 1901,swamiji delivered the lecture on indian history and hindu mythological characters at new york. So the 2 lectures of that time was wrote in this book on 1901.

  • Other books

Raja Yoga

Karma Yoga

Jnana Yoga

                                                             Vivekananda nurtured the feeling of nationalism among people and regarded weakness as sin and motivated the people for the worship of Shakti and mother India. So he strongly opposed the tendency of blindly copying the west and also reminded the people of the rich Indian past. swamiji asked people to get rid of superstitions, casteism, untouchably and other evil social customs and traditions and He had worked for the upliftment and education of women(Swami Vivekananda on Education). Vivekananda considered that serving the downtrodden is the greatest service to mankind. He asked people to help the poor and needy person and said that, “so long as millions live in hunger and ignorance and I hold every man a traitor and who having been educated at their expense, pays no heed to them.

books by vivekananda

Vivekananda's Concept of freedom

Vivekananda not only focused on the spiritual freedom but on other materialistic aspects also such as Economic freedom and Individual freedom and social freedom.  And according to him the ultimate aim of freedom is the happiness.

  1. Spiritual freedom:- Freedom is necessary for the spiritual upliftment of the person. According to him freedom is infinite, absolute, changeless and quality less. But a person moves from lower plane to higher plane in successive lives.
  2. Individual freedom:- According to him Individual freedom is one of the main component of freedom. He wanted every person to cultivate a free body, mind and spirit.And he opposed any kind of intervention in individual freedom. So he supported Right to privacy , Government should not interfere in individual’s privacy.
  3. Social freedom:- According to him social freedom is closely related to individual freedom. He viewed quality and liberty complementary to each other. According to him and there should an equal chances for the development of weaker sections of the society and more spending on the education of the poor than on the rich people. And he wanted to pull down the social barriers which curb the growth of the society.

4. Economic freedom:- According to Vivekananda, Individual freedom was obstruct by the poverty. There is correlation between economic freedom and happiness. Thus all the members of the Society must have the equal opportunities for their growth. He supported Right to property.

Some famous Quotes of Swami Vivekananda On Education

swami vivekananda on education

  1. “Arise, aware and stop not till the goal is reached”
  2. “They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive”.
  3. “The world is the greatest gymnosium where we come to make overselves strong”.
  4. You cannot believe God until you believe in yourself”.
  5. “All differences in this world are of degree and not of kind because oneness is the secret of everything”.

3 Rules of education by Swami Vivekanand


Vivekananda’s thoughts had a great impact on the people all over the world. And till date millions get motivate by his ideas and thoughts. India celebrated National Youth Day on 12th January (His Birth Day) to inspire the younger generation.But Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore said “If some body wants to understand India he should study Vivekananda”. According to Subhas Chandra Bose, Vivekananda was the founder of modern India who possessed the heart of Buddha and the intellect of Shankaracharya.

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