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Save Earth Essay
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 7 different types of Save Earth Essay are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and up to 1000 words in the below paragraphs.

We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Save Earth Essay . This will be helpful for children to write an good Save Earth Essay from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to Essay is also included in this article. Like How to write an good essay on Save Earth Essay and many more.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Save Earth Essay :

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent piece on Save Earth Essay, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an Save Earth Essay :

  • Explain Save Earth Essay.
  • Save earth campaign.
  • How to save our earth.
  • Easy ways to save the earth.
  • Conclusion.

Save Earth Essay in 250 Words

( Short Essay On Save Earth )

Earth is the most precious thing in the universe, which holds the essential things for life, oxygen and water. The natural resources found on the earth are deteriorating day by day due to the wrong actions of human beings.

Man himself has endangered life on earth. Due to the lack of favorable environment, many wild animals have become completely extinct. The rate of many types of pollution, global warming and other environmental issues are increasing day by day. To reduce its negative effects, it is very necessary to stop all the wrong practices. Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22th April to spread awareness among all people and all over the world. It is celebrated annually to encourage people as well as to maintain the natural environment of the earth.

Our earth never takes anything from us in return, however, it demands to maintain it in order to maintain the continuity of healthy life on earth. We are not the only ones living on the earth: there are also many unknown species living on the earth. So, we should not be selfish and we should think about all the species living on the earth.

We should protect our earth and environment by reducing the amount of wastes, plastic, paper, wood etc. And We should inculcate the habit of reusing things (clothes, toys, furniture, books, paper etc.) to reduce the mess and waste. We should stop the wrong activities involved in continuously increasing the level of pollution and global warming.

Save Earth Essay in 350 Words For Students

Introduction :

The present conditions are very challenging for the existence of healthy life on earth due to toxic environment, air pollution, water pollution, global warming, deforestation and many other environmental issues. But, by adopting many simple methods, we can save our planet, however, it depends on the dedication and rate of people adopting good habits.

How to save our earth :

To save our earth, we should promote eco-friendly technologies, so that they do not harm the planet. Along with reducing the habit of using harmful things, people should adopt the habit of reusing things to generate less amount of waste. Generally, many people use many household cleaning chemicals to keep their homes clean and germ free. They never look at the presence of chemical elements in that substance, which can be very destructive to water, soil and air.

We should have a clear knowledge about the substances we use in our daily life and always use eco-friendly cleaning products. Pollution and global warming are generally caused by commercial industries on a large scale. They should follow the rules and regulations made by the government to control the pollution. They should be involved in the production of eco-friendly products by limiting the commercial products that pollute the environment.

Conclusion :

This topic should be included in their studies in the context of promoting awareness related to save the earth among the youth. They should participate in tree plantation, group discussion, essay writing, debate, banner making, slogan writing, drama performance based on the prescribed theme, etc. organized in schools or colleges to bring awareness about the environment. Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22th April to create awareness among the people about saving the earth.

Save Earth Essay in 500 Words in English

Introduction :

Save earth, save environment both are related to save life on earth. Being a human being, we should strictly engage in activities that reduce pollution and global warming.

Easy ways to save the earth :

There are many simple ways that can help save the earth. Earth is the only planet in the entire solar system on which life is possible. In ancient times, people were not involved in destructive activities, therefore, they did not have to worry about pollution and environmental issues. After the population explosion, people started developing cities and industries for modern lifestyle and easy living for all.

For industrialization, people have started misusing natural resources beyond a certain limit. People are involved in the eradication of forests, as a result of which issues like extinction of wild animals, pollution and global warming have increased. Hole in ozone layer, rise in sea level, melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland etc. are the negative effects caused by global warming. In this way environmental change is a signal of alarm bells for us. Following are some of the ways to save the earth:

1)We should increase forests through afforestation and replantation. a Thousands of species and birds have become extinct due to the destruction of their habitats. They are very essential to balance the food chain in nature.
2)Our environment is in constant decline as a result of deforestation, industrialization, urbanization, and pollution. It threatens life through global warming and pollution due to the emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases. We should protect the 3)environment to balance the natural cycle of our environment.
4)We need to bring more and more major changes in our unnatural life to save the earth.
Governments of all countries need to work together to bring about global change.

Why the need of save earth campaign :

It is the urgent need of the hour to save the earth from the ever increasing global temperature, melting of polar ice caps, increasing threats of tsunamis, floods and droughts etc. The condition of our mother earth is deteriorating day by day, which is reducing the chances of a healthy life. Earth is the vital source of all the basic elements required for survival. Wrong human activities have given rise to many environmental issues: toxic fumes, chemical waste and excessive noise.

Conclusion :

In the context of Save Earth, Save Life and Save Earth, Save Environment. And the government has taken many effective steps to sustain the healthy life on the earth. Human activities that destroy natural resources are affecting the Earth’s environment very badly. So, it is our own responsibility to save the earth by adopting eco-friendly activities.

Save Earth Essay For Students
Save Earth Essay For Students

Save Earth Essay in 800 Words – Long Essay On Save Earth

Introduction :

Earth is the only one of all the planets known so far in the universe, where human life is possible. Human life is possible on earth because all the elements (water, oxygen, temperature etc.) related to the basic requirement of life are present here. For all of us to continue our health life on the earth, we must maintain the quality of the earth.

Our earth is becoming increasingly polluted, due to which there is a danger of the end of the earth. And all of us should take important steps to save the earth, the Government of India is raising awareness among the people to save the environment through slogans such as Save Earth, Save Environment and Save Earth, Save Life, etc.

Why save the earth?

How much pollution has increased in the present times, that our earth has become very unbalanced. We must make urgent arrangements to save the earth in order to deal with the increasing threats of global warming, coral reefs, ice melting, tsunamis and pandemics due to the imbalance of the earth.

The condition of the earth has become very bad, so it is impossible to imagine a healthy life on the earth in the coming times. All the basic elements that keep humans alive on earth are becoming less. And all the imbalance incidents happening on the earth are happening due to the bad activities of human beings. If human life and natural resources are to be maintained on the earth, then we should support the save earth campaign and save the earth.

What is Save Earth Campaign (Earth Day)?

Save Earth campaign has been started by the Government of India. Under this campaign immense efforts are being made to preserve the earth. Prithvi Bachao Abhiyan is such a campaign, through which people are motivated to remove the pollution of the earth. So a special day has been prepared for this, on which the Prime Minister of India and the chief guests to save the earth. Motivational speeches are given to people by This date was started on 22 April 1970 and every

How to save the earth?

There are some easy and effective ways that all the people around the world should use to save the earth, the details of these ways are as follows;

1)We should stop pollution as much as possible.
2)As we all know, water is life, so we should save water on earth. And we should use water according to our requirement.
3)We can conserve water for future time on earth by saving water. If we use water in a certain amount, we all can save thousands of gallons of water in just 1 day.
4)To reduce the emission of green house gases, we all should generally use public transport or use private cars only when we need them.
5)If we work in local areas, we should use bicycle and if we have to work in distant or urban areas, we should use electronic vehicles. So that air pollution will be reduced.

Conclusion :

If you also want the existence of human beings on the earth, then please all of you also plant trees in maximum quantity . And reduce the operation of vehicles unnecessarily. And If the earth will be protected, then your future generations will also be able to spend their life longer and better on the earth, otherwise not.

10 Lines On Save Earth Essay

  1. Earth is the only known planet in the universe that supports life, and it is our responsibility to protect it.
  2. Human activities such as pollution, deforestation, and overuse of natural resources are damaging the earth’s ecosystems.
  3. Climate change is a significant threat to our planet, and we must take urgent action to reduce our carbon footprint.
  4. We must conserve water, reduce waste, and recycle as much as possible to protect the earth’s resources.
  5. Planting trees is an effective way to combat climate change and prevent soil erosion.
  6. We must also protect our oceans and marine life by reducing plastic pollution and overfishing.
  7. Protecting biodiversity is essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and we must protect endangered species from extinction.
  8. We must switch to clean energy sources like solar and wind power to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
  9. Educating ourselves and others about the importance of saving the earth is essential for creating a sustainable future.
  10. Saving the earth is not just the responsibility of governments and organizations; individuals must also take action to protect our planet.

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