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The social and cultural reform movement in the 19th century began with the Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his
Brahmo Samaj.  Ram Mohan Roy is one of the greatest person to ever born in India.But he had extraordinary
intellectual capacity.
He is said to be ahead of his times and attacked several evil traditions. And he encouraged people to think
rationally before accepting any custom or tradition in the name of religion.So he worked tirelessly though out
his life for the upliftment of women.
 Rammohan Roy‘s social work:
(1) He opposed Sati System and It was due to his continuous campaign that Lord William Bentinck (Viceroy)
enacted Sati Abolition Act, in 1829.
(2) He opposed Polygamy.
(3) He opposed Child marriage.
(4) He opposed Parda System.
(5) He opposed Untouchability.
(6) He opposed Caste System.
(7) He supported Inter Caste Marriages.
(8) He support women education.

ram mohan roy social reformers of india

Western Education
Raja Rammohan Roy supported western education based on scientific lines. And according to him, western
scientific knowledge should be adopted for the progress of the country. He is of the view that it is the duty of
the Britishers to provide modern western education in English Medium to make India a developed nation.But he
established Hindu College in Calcutta to provide education in English language.
He did not believed in the golden past of the country and also did not want people to follow western
culture blindly. And he focused on abolishing evil customes and tradition of India and adopting good practices of
the western countries. So he had taken a pragmatic approach for the social reforms and it resembles
Buddha’s “Middle Path Theory”.First of all, now talk about ram mohan roy; second, than its book; and third, and their biography.In addition, he written many books.

ram mohan roy books

ram mohan roy book

ram mohan roy social reformer

Raja Rammohan Roy had worked in other fields also for the welfare of the people such as
(1 He worked for the freedom of the press.
(2) He demanded for the removal of export duties on Indian Goods.
(3) He demanded for decreasing the revenue demands in the permanent settlement system
(4) He also advocated for the removal of passport system
(5) He had proposed for the formation of an international organization having one of an international organization having one member from each country. 
(6) He demanded for the appointment of Indians on high military posts. And Brahmo Samaj (1828) : Raja Rammohan Roy formed the Brahmo Samaj on 20th August 1828 in Culcutta.
The chief aim for its foundation are as follows:
(1) To eradicate evil customs and traditions from the Hindu society.
(2) To Stop the growing influence of Christianity.
(3) To establish fundamental unity among all religions.

ram mohan roy date of birth

Raja Ram Mohan Roy
22nd May 1772 at Radha Nagar in Bengal
(i) Tuhfat – Ul-Muwahhidin (Gift to monotheists in Persian
(iii)Percepts to Jesus – the guide to peace and happiness
News Papers -(i) Samvad Kaumudi (Bengali)
(ii) Mirat-Ul-Akhbar (Persian)

Raja Rammohan Roy’s views on morality: According to him and the search for the pure system of morality
should not be confined to Indian Religious text but it should also include the religions texts of the other
religions. He was highly influenced by the Christian religion. And he has written the famous book “The Percepts of
Jesus-Guide to Peace and Happiness”. So he very much liked te Christian doctrine of love for human beings
irrespective of colar, caste, creed, religion and country and etc. But also rejected the idol worship and praised.
Conclusion: And the effrots of  Rammohan Roy had left a lasting impression on Indian thought and culture.

raja ram mohan roy biography in this vedio

ram mohan roy wrote many books like thufat and percepts.After,written this books and he also written newspappers .In short,ram moha roy is one of the best person to ever born in indiaTherefore he is very famous person.Thus he encorage people to think rationally befor accepting any custom religion. And also  he worked in other fields also for the welfare of the people.

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