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Ram manohar lohiya was one of the most original thinker, Patriot, freedom fighter, socialist and economist. And he had propounded a new socio-economic philosophy known as “Lohiawad” or “Neo-socialism”. and He was greatly influenced by the Gandhili and joined the Non-coperation movement at the age of 10.but in 1936 and he founded “Congress Socialist Party” and along with Acharya Narendra Dev and J.P. Narayan.
Ram manohar lohiya done his Ph.D. in 1932 on the topic “economic of salt Satyagraha”. So he had developed a new philosophy due to his great understanding of socio-economic problems of India. And Neo Socialism Theory ; Dr. Ram manohar lohia severly criticized and the Nehru’s Technical socialism and propounded his theory of ‘Neo-Socialism’.
 But In socialism there was attempt to bring equality among the people of a country but in his “Neo-socialism”the focus is to achieve the equality for all the people in the world.And It will guarantee a decent and minimum standards of life to all the people in the world. Thus, but  in Neo-socialism looks for the welfare of the whole mankind. And He had propounded 7 cardinal principles to achieve ‘Neo-socialism’ which are as follows.

Ram manohar lohiya. 

ram manohar lohiya

ram manohar lohia

Birth=23rd March 1910 at Akbarpur, U.P.
Books – Guilty men of India’s Partition; India, China and Northern frontiers; Marx, Ganan
dia. China and Northern frontiers: Marx. Gandhi and Socialism:
The caste system; Interval during politics
Death – 12th October 1967

Loniya stressed for equality among the people.and  According to him, equality has two dimensions :
(1) Inner and outer equality
(2) Spiritual and Material equality
According to him, caste system is an obstruction in the development of the country. He said and Caste restricts opportunity, so Restricted opportunity constrict ability.And Constricted Ability further restricts opportunity.
Where caste prevails, opportunity and ability are restricted to ever narrowing circle of people. Lohiya promoted micro and small industries instead of large scale industries. And according to him Big industries does not solve the employment problem.But It is small scale industries that provides employment to the millions of the people.And the problem of unemployment can be solved by promoting and developing small scale industries.

Dr. Lohiya was pained to the see the destruction of environment by the modern industries.  So The large scale industrialization had put the lot of stress and on the limited natural resources. So these industries has raised he level of pollution to lethal level hazardous for the life on earth. Dr. Lohiya opposed the centralization and supported panchayts. And therefore but and but and but and so but and sobut and so but and so but and so According to him decentralized planning was the best way to cater to the needs of the people. But Panchayats should be made the unit of self-government and given adequate powers and authority. but and so but and so His ideas were later found shape in the 73 constitutional amendment act 1992. And Which gave constitutional status and many powers to Panchayati Raj Institution in India.

ram manhoar lohia hospital

ram manohar lohia hospitAL

Some famous quetoes of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya :

(1) “Satyagraha without constructive work is like a sentence without a verb”.
(2) “The use of English is a hindrance to original thinking, progenitor of inferiority feelings and a gap between the educated and uneducated public.and Come, let us unite to restore Hindi to its original glory.”
(3) “Marxism is the last weapon of Europe against Asia”.
(4) “Live communities don’t wait for five years”.

He had propounded 7 cardinal principles to achieve ‘Neo-socialism’ which are as follows:

 (1) Economic equality
(2) Women emancipation
(3) Independence
(4) Abolition of caste
(5) Freedom of Thought
(6) Civil Disobedience against violent revolutions
(7) Ending Racial Discrimination

ram manohar lohia university

Some thing about the prestigious ram manohar lohia university ,The Uttar Pradesh government  And makes the university called Avadh University, But in 1994, and its name was changed to Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University and Ayodhya in the memoriam of late Dr. Rammanohar Lohia. At the time of starting and this university”s  office in a rental buildings of Civil Lines, Ayodhya. So the campus and campus life of student is not good as compare to todays campus and facility.But this university is proved very beneficial for rural students of that time.


ram manohar lohia avad university

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