Radioactive Pollution Effects & Their Causes

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Hello friends,i am your host welcomes you to our site .In this article we will discuss about, what is pollution and mainly i will tell you about,what is radioactive pollution effects.I will also tell you that what are the main sources of radioactive pollution effects on our activity.

Pollution :

The occurrence of unwanted physical, chemical and biotic changes which generally cause imbalance in our ecology or environment through the air, land or water is called environmental pollution or pollution. The pollution may be either natural or artificial (man made). The substances or factors through which changes occur are called pollutants and generally pollutants have been divided into two groups which are biodegradable pollutants and non-biodegradable pollutants.


What Is Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution: The radiative or radioactive pollution mainly causes by the radioactive rays (a, B and y), x-rays and also by the ultraviolet radiations of the sun which are too much harmful for the living beings (organisms).The radioactive pollution effects and sources are give below.

Source : There are various sources of the radioactive pollution
  1. The pollution obtained from the rays used in the medical science.
  2. The pollution produced from the fuels used in the nuclear furnaces.
  3. The pollution produced from the residues of the nuclear power houses.
  4. The pollution produced from the radioactive substances involved in the research and development activities
  1. The pollution produced through the fission of the radioactive substances present on the earth’s surface, ultraviolet rays coming from sun, cosmic rays coming from space etc.

What Are Radioactivity pollution effects ?

  1. Through the radiative pollution the diseases like leukemia and bone cancer etc. appear.
  1. By the effect of radioactive pollution mutation takes place in the genes of the germinal cells of the organisms and due to it deformed, stupid and handicapped offsprings born.
  1. Due to the radioactive radiations the immune system of the human body damages up to a large extent and the human body becomes the disease prone and any disease may easily enter inside the body.     
  2.  Due To the radiative effect the reproductive ability of the human beings is adversely affected and the old age like situation appears. Due to the radiative effect on the human bodies skin irritation takes place and sometimes the wound appears on the skin. Sometimes pain, irritation, swelling in the human organs also appear. 

Pollution Controlling Measures

To control the pollution complex chemical substance should not be supplied to the rivers, ponds and ditches. The basic norms of gaseous emission from the automobile vehicles should be followed properly so that unwanted smokes should be avoided or minimised. The emergent gases from the outlets of various factories before the emission should be filtered. Also the spraying work of pesticides, germicides, insecticides etc. should be according to a standard norms but deforestation work should be banned and on the extensive level afforestation programme should be carry forward. Through an extensive afforestation programme the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere can be abundantly increased and correspondingly emerging CO2 can be regulated.


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