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What Information We Collect?

We collect only that information which is entered by you on our website like your email address, name, any website details and any other information that was entered by you on our website.

Many third party vendor like Google, yahoo, amazon may use the cookie to serve advertisement on your website while you surfing our website.this cookies are automatically generate and save in your browsers.

We do not support any type of trade, sales and do not transfer any of your information like emails, name or numbers to any third party foundation or website at any cost. we try to make safety measures for your best experiences.

Why We Take your Information?

All the information provided by you are taken by us, due to enhance your experience with our blogging website.With the help of your information ,we try to make a blogs that you like or you may want to see in our website.

why we provide Third-party Links on our posts.

This links are only for providing you best information about the topic which you are reading that time. sometimes we provides you youtube links for your better understanding of topic.sometime it may happens with third party websites links.

All third party websites have their own privacy policies.

We link external websites to add extra value to our content and we do not take any responsibility for their privacy.

Do we use cookies?

yes, some times we use cookies for your best viewing experience. Cookies are nothing but  the small files used by the service provider.This files are used to transfer it to your hard disk with the help of your web browser, only if you allow it. With the help of this cookies  browsers will able to load the data fast.

Terms & Condition:

We also give and update our terms and  contact us page so that you can easily contact us. All the pages of our website is updated on. 

Last updated: 18/8/2019.


If you have questions or comments about this policy, you may email us at .

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If there is any question related to Privacy Policy directly  contact us,we definitely help you. ASAP

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