Population Explosion Essay

population explosion
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Hello friends, welcome to our site. In this post we have given the 500+ words , population explosion essay and also told that, what is population explosion and causes of population explosion in short. So read the post carefully to understand in the better way about population explosion in India and their causes.


At the time of independence India’s population was 35 crore. Today it has grown to 130 crore. Every second a new child is taking birth in India. Area wise, India is the seventh largest country in the world but population wise, India is the second largest country. The only country with a higher population than India is China.

What is population explosion

In simple words, population explosion is nothing but the overpopulation. When the resources are not enough for existing population. The development of medical sciences has reduced the death rate of new born children. Those children who are weak are treat properly, which was not there in the old days. So, the birth rate has increased. Almost all the diseases can be cure , so the death rate has decrease, the life expectancy has also increase, leading to population growth. Physical attraction of teenagers lead illegal immoral relationship which births child. These babies are then thrown in orphanage this is also a big reason of leading to population growth.

Causes of population growth

This increasing population has brought a number of other problems with it. There is a huge pressure on the natural resources available in our country. Increased population requires more food, water and all the other facilities. Thus everyone can not get the benefits of the scheme running by the governments. Orphans are seen sordidnessly by society. As this orphans don’t get respect, become so violent that they start doing crimes.

Causes of population explosion

Unemployment is one such problem that accompanies population. There are not enough jobs for everyone. So those who don’t get jobs remain poor, which leads to the problem of poverty. Poor people cannot send their children to schools which increases illiteracy. Poor people make their children work at a very small age, which ruins their childhood and leads to child labour. Thus population explosion is one of the biggest problems face by India.If proper steps and stricter laws are not implemented in time to control it, India will be facing a new set of problems in the near future.

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