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Mk Gandhi is the symbol of peace and non-violence. Though Gandhiji had not given any specitic theory of ethics, but his whole life is the symbol of morality and ethics, Gandhiji has influenced many important personalities in the world such as Nelson Mandela, Maritn Luther King, Aung San Suu Kyi etc. Albert Einsten has said that “Gandhiji life achievement stands unique in political history. The moral influence he had on the consciously thinking human being of the entire civilized world will probably be much more lasting than it seems in our time with its overestimation of brutal violent forces.”Means-End relationship –


                                                           According to MK Gandhi, Unethical ‘means’ cannot lead us to ethical ‘ends’. He was of the firm opinion that it is not only enough that ‘end’ is pure but is also necessary that ‘means’ are also pure. Sarvodaya : It means good for all. It is connected with the virtue approach. The philosophy of Sarvodaya is based on the unity of existence. The whole world is permeated by the God and thus no person should be exploited by the other persons.Thus universal love is the only law of life. Gandhiji was not satisfied with the progress of a section of people or a nation but he advocated for the welfare of all the people in the world.


M.K. Gandhi
(1) Truth and Non- Violence 

Gandhiji laid great stress on truth and non-violence. He accepted that a person should strive for truth even by undergoing physical pain. He relied on the method of non-violence to strive for the truth. According to Gandhiji, Non-violence means infinite love. He has said that “Non-violence has the power to solve all the problems of the world”. Non-violence is a symbol of strength rather than cowardice. It requires great moral strength to follow the path of non-violence and thus it cannot be practiced by weak people. According to him, “Truth was the essence of morality.”

(2) Satyagraha : 

It means holding firmly to truth and the exercise of purest spiritual force of truth against injustices and exploitation. In simple words, Satyagraha means pursuance of truth. According to Gandhiji “Satyagraha is a spiritual principle which is based on love for the mankind. There is no feeling of hatred in it towards the opponents”. Thus a true Satyagraha does not over power his opponent by force but by winning his heart. He had warned that Satyagraha must not be used for personal gains but it should be used for the
general welfare of the people.

mk gandhi quotes

Some famous quotes of Gandhiji
(1) “Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality”.
(2) “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind”.
(3) “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
(4) “To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest”.
(5) “In a gentle way you can shake to world”.
(6) “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed”.
(7) “Ultimately one is guided not by intellect but by the heart. Argument follow conviction”.
(8) “A man is but the product of his thought; What he thinks, he becomes.”.
(9) “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an in domitable will”.
(10) “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

mk gandhi college mumbai

mk gandhi college mumbai

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mk gandhi famous russian novelist

mk gandhi famous russian novelist

mk gandhi russian novelist

He born in Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy 9 September 1828. And also he died in 19 november in 1910. He  wrote almost 100 of stories and several novels.He speacks russian language and their nationalaty is russian.

mk gandhi biography

M.K. Gandhi
Birth 2 October, 1869 at Porbandar, Gujarat.
Book My Experiments with Truth
Death – 30 January 1948 at New DelhiAccording to him, “the relation between ‘means’ and ‘end’ is akin to ‘seeds’ and ‘tree'”. Thus moral means will inevitably leads to the moral ends. If we take care of the means then the ends will take of themselves. 

Thus, Gandhiji’s ethics comes under the ‘Deontological Ethics’ in which stress is on the ‘means’ and not on ‘ends’. “Ethical means” integrate human civilization where as “unethical means” disintegrate it. Violence, fraud and Machiavellian diplomacy had always destructed human unity. Thus integration of human civilization is only possible when we use truth and non-violence in our conduct.


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