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kharif crops

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A crop is plant product which are produce and harvested extensively for living purpose and sometime for profit also. Crop refers to those plants that are grown on a large scale for food, clothing and other human uses. In another way crop is a group of the similar plant which is cultivated under human care in suitable condition. The crops are mainly classified into two major types which are kharif crops and rabi crops. This word Kharif and Rabi is originated from Arabic language in time Mughal periods.

Kharif Crops

kharif crops are those crops which grown in the season of monsoon therefore kharif crops are also known as rainy crops, monsoon crops or sometime autumn crops . kharif crop are grown in monsoon months which are from June to November. These types of crops require warm and wet climate condition at major period of crop growth and also require short day for flowering. And this type of condition occurs in the month of June to November.

kharif crop are mainly planted in rainy seasons and harvesting take place in the month of September to October. Mainly 21 to 30 degree Celsius temperature is required for germination and growth of kharif crop plants.

Example Of kharif Crops

There are many examples of kharif crops but some major examples which are frequently available are cotton, millers, rice, jawar, bajara, maize, green gram, black grams etc. This is nothing but the kharif crops examples list. Some of the examples of kharif crop which are produce in large scale are describe below.


Cotton is one of the best example of kharif crop. It require about 26 degree Celsius temperatures for growing purpose. Cotton is soft ,fluffy fiber that grown in a ball and fiber is almost pure cellulose . Under the natural condition cotton ball increase the dispersal of the seed. There are mainly four Types of cotton which are Gassypium arboretum, Gassypium herbaceum, Gassypium barbadence and American cotton.

kharif crop cotton


Rice is also one of the best example of kharif crop. It is one of the specific variety of kharif crop which are produced in large scale all over the world. Rice is a thin and white grain which is obtained from the plant that grown on muddy land. It requires hot temperature and hence mainly grown in hot regions.  We cooked and eat the rice in our daily life. 100 gram rice contain about 120 calories, 0.7 gram of  fat,5 mg sodium,43 mg potassium,2.8g protein, and also  contain various types of vitamins like vitamins A, vitamin D etc. There is huge variety of rice which are produce all over the world.


Millets is also the best example of  kharif crop which is mainly found in monsoon season like others. These are also annual grasses of the group cereals. They are grown in less area or less important area whose economy and productivity are also less. These are stable food for poor people. In india pearl millet is a staple food in rajasthan. There are two main types of millets which are as follows.

  • Major millets

Sorghum/jowar/cholam Pearl Miller Finger millet or ragi are the examples of major millets.

  • Minor millets

Little millet/ samai Common millets Kodomillet are the examples of minor millets.

Difference Between Kharif crops and Rabi Crops

Kharif CropsRabi crops
1) These are monsoon or rainy season crops.
2)  These crops are grown in starting of rainy season in between June to July.
3) These crop are harvest during the month of September to October at the end of monsoon.
4) These crops are grown in hot and wet atmosphere.
5)  Example:- Rice, Maize, Green grams , Black gram and many other crops.

1)     These are not monsoon or rainy season crops.
2)     These crop are grown in the month of October to November.
3)     These crop are harvest in the month of march and April.
4) These crops are grown in cold and dryatmosphere.
5)     Example:- Wheat, Barley, Gram, Pea, Mustard and etc.


The main purpose of writing this article is to give the quality information to our visitors. In this article, you can able to find out the full information about kharif crops. We also described the major example of kharif crops which are produce in large scale all over the world. The major five difference between kharif crops and rabi crops are also describe in tabular form above.

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