Hsc Means In Educational Field


HSC Means

Hello friends , welcome to our site infosarena.com . In this article we have given the information about meaning of HSC and what’s the importance of this certificate in education. we also describe the full form of HSC and country in which this type of exams are conduct. So read the article below for knowing what is Hsc means.

HSC means nothing but the Higher Secondary Certificate. Basically 12th class exam is known as HSC exam. It is organize by intermediate college or juniors college in some specific state’s of India. Like Maharashtra, Tamil nadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerala, west Bengal, Telangana, Punjab, and Gujrat. This exam is also conduct in country other than India like in Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This is also call as intermediate or +2 examination. 

In India HSC means the 12th class exam and this exam is conducted at the state level which is conducted by state board of education. And at National level it is conduct by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSC) . The Schemes of exam are may differ in different states. This exam is taken on early basis. It means that the exam is conduct only one time per year.

In India, this exam is taken in the month of February. And the result of this exam will released in the month of April or May. Some time the result was delay due to some specific reasons. The importance of this exam is that, it is necessary for taken admission in graduation courses. 

Some Common Subjects Of HSC Examination

  1. English
  2. Environment Education
  3. personality development
  4. Mathematics and Statistics
  5. Physics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Biology
  8. Information Technology
  9. computer science

The Hsc exam is based on all the subjects which are describe above. The selections of subject is depends upon that board which is conducting the Higher Secondary Certificate exam. Different-Different combinations of subject are chosen in Different-Different states, in which English and Mathematics is common among all boards.

What is the difference between SSC and HSC?

SSC Means is Secondary School Certificate and HSC Means is Higher Secondary Certificate. Secondary School Certificate means 10th class and Higher Secondary Certificate means 12th class in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We must have certificate of SSC exam for taking participation in 12th class examination. In simple we must pass the 10th class examination for taking admission in 12th class. This both certificate is very useful for further higher studies. This are some common difference between SSC and HSC.

Certificate Of HSC Exam

The certificate of Hsc exam is give to those students who was successfully clear all the exam papers of each and every subjects. This certificate is sign by the education minister of specific state where the exam was taken. Some screenshots of certificate is attach with this article.

hsc means


What is full form of HSC?

Higher Secondary Certificate.

HSC means which class in india?

12th class in India.

What is HSC 10th or 12th?

12th Class is Hsc and 10th is SSC.

What is the qualification of HSC?

Qualification of HSC is noting but the 12th class.

What is 12th class called in India?

12th class in india is known as Hsc exam.


HSC means the Higher Secondary Certificate and this certificate is issue by the state board of education or central board of secondary education (CBSC) after passing the 12th class exam. This certificate is very important for further studies of under graduation or post graduation. Sometimes this certificate is responsible for deciding the level of reputation of college in which you are studying. 


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