How To Change Jiofi Password In 5 simple Steps

How To Reset Jiofi Password
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How to change jiofi password, Hello friends welcome to our site In this article, today we will discuss that “HOW TO CHANGE JIOFI PASSWORD” for Jiofi 1,Jiofi 2, Jiofi 3 and Jiofi 4. This method will work for all devices which I mention above. This is the latest and update method of August 2019. So don’t take tension and follow the below method correctly to know How To Change Jiofi Password in 2019. So let’s get starte.

Change Password Step by Step

Step 1 : For change jiofi password

                                  First ON your jiofi device and connect that device to your android phone or desktop pc. This method will work good on android devices. Now if you have already buy a jiofi device, than you know that the default password and SSID will be written on the box of jiofi. This default password is must required to connect your jiofi device to your phone for the first time. Now connect your android phone to your jiofi device by entering the default password (written on jiofi box). Here our motto is that to change this default password of jiofi because the default password is very difficult to remember. Now the next step is that, you should go to that website which i given below ( link of website is given below ).

Link = http://jiofi.local.html

                                                                    Now when the website will open, you can able to see the following options………………..


Step 2 :

Don’t do anything, just click on the login button which is on upper-right corner of your phone. Color of that login button is white.

Now you can able to see a new page popup which ask you for username and password. Which look-like below picture………………….

jiofi password change

Step 3 : For change jiofi password

Just enter below details. 

Username = Administrator

Password = administrator

                                                           Now another page will open. 

reset jiofi password

STEP 4 : For change jiofi password

Just click on—— Setting (upper side) 

Than click on – – – – – – – Wifi (left side of your phone ) 

Now you can able to see the change your password option on your screen. 

Just enter your desired password in front of option called Security Key.

step 5 :

Lastly click on Apply button. And wait for booting of your jiofi device. Than you need to re-connect your jiofi to your android phone by new password which is absolutely your desired password. 

Now enjoy!. 

Information About Jiofi Devices

                                                               Jiofi is nothing but the wifi router device. with the help of this device you can able to enjoy 4G network on 2G and 3G android phones which not support 4g sim cards.With the help of this device you can able to enjoy true 4G speed with download speed up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 can also access all the features like making video call and also hd voice calls with audio and video conference support.The latest jiofi device can able to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time.It comes with high capacity battery of 2300mAh, which supports up to 6 hours of surf time.

How to change jiofi password (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


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