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Essay On Soil Pollution
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  • Explain Essay on Soil Pollution.
  • What is soil pollution?.
  • Causes and sources of soil pollution.
  • Prevention of soil pollution.
  • Conclusion.

Essay On Soil Pollution in 250 words

( Short Essay on soil pollution )

Soil pollution is the contamination of fertile land soil which is gradually increasing day by day due to the use of fertilizers and industrialization. In modern times, soil pollution has become a major challenge for the entire human fraternity. Soil is the most important natural resource for maintaining healthy life. While it is home to many small animals, it is also home to plant life. Soil is also used by humans for the production of various crops to maintain the cycle of life.

However, the increase in human population increases the need for production of crops and other technological resources to live life comfortably. Many highly effective fertilizers are available in the market which claim themselves to be the best for improving crop production, but when sprayed on the crop, they spread pollution, spoiling the entire fertile soil.

Other varieties of pesticides (like fungicides etc.) are also being used by farmers to protect their crops from insects and fungi. These types of pesticides are also very toxic and spread their side effects in the environment by polluting the land and air. Other methods of soil pollution include acidification, agrochemical pollution, salinization, and pollution by metal wastes.

Acidification is a common natural cause associated with long-term leaching and microbial respiration that slowly decomposes soil organic matter (such as humic and fulvic acids) which again stimulate leaching. The use of inorganic fertilizers on fertile land has increased the pollution level of the soil and reduced the fertility of the soil.

Essay On Soil Pollution in 300 Words For Students

( Short soil pollution Essay )

Earth is very important for honorable life and natural resources. At present, the soil is getting heavily polluted through the toxic elements produced by the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and industrial wastes. Due to this the vegetation on the earth is slowly decaying. Because of soil pollution, the fertility of the earth is gradually decreasing. And hence the development of crops is not being done completely.

Soil pollution is rapidly depleting soil nutrients due to heavy addition of undesirable elements to the soil through chemical resources used on farms and industrially. Once the pollutants get mixed in the soil, they already leave their effects there for a long time.

In many places, due to industrialization and heavy use of different types of fertilizers in the fertile soil, the structure and color of the soil is constantly changing. Which can become a threat to human life in the future.

The waste generated through other sources such as nuclear reactors, explosives, hospitals and scientific laboratories is dumped in a pit just below the soil, which is sure to pollute the soil. Soil pollution is very dangerous not only for the flora but also for the human life, because if the toxic chemicals enter inside our body, the whole internal system of the body can suffer a lot. Due to which we can die in some way or the other Can be a victim of any disease.

Essay On Soil Pollution For Students
Essay On Soil Pollution For Students

Essay On Soil Pollution in 800 words

Introduction :

Soil pollution reduces the level of mass towards the soil. So the fertility of the soil starts decreasing day by day. Biological agents such as bacteria, algae, earthworms, snails, fungi, protozoa, etc. interact with the soil. Which affect the physical, chemical and biological environment to a great extent, thus becoming the cause of soil pollution. Soil pollution is very dangerous for human health. Because, soil pollution, toxic chemicals enter our body through food and we can also become a victim of some major disease.

The major carriers of soil pollution are considered to be explosives, nuclear reactors, and fertilizers used for agriculture. Also toxic waste from industries is major carriers of soil pollution. At present, many types of medicines are used in agricultural areas, due to which the fertility of the soil becomes very weak. Hence there is a danger of soil pollution.

What is soil pollution?

Mixing of pollutant substances in the soil, reducing the fertility of the soil and causing toxicity in the soil is called soil pollution. Due to soil pollution, the fertility of the soil decreases, after which a lot of hard work has to be done to bring the soil back into use. Honorable health is also affected due to soil pollution, because due to soil pollution, poisonous foods enter our body, due to which we are at risk of some kind of disease.

Causes and sources of soil pollution :

The materials used in hospitals, schools and markets are made up of plastic. Some are solid waste materials which are biodegradable and some are non-biodegradable. Due to this soil pollution occurs in land.

Soil pollution also spreads due to excessive use of chemical waste materials like pesticides, fertilizers etc.

Trees are being cut from the earth very fast for living and suitable land for agriculture to meet human needs. Due to this soil erosion is happening very fast and soil erosion reduces fertility. Hence soil Deforestation is also one of the main reasons for pollution.

The toxic wastes coming out of the industries are dumped in the soil just a few feet in the pit. Due to this, soil pollution also spreads.
Due to the indiscriminate felling of trees, the pollutants present in the air come directly to the ground during rains. It contaminate  the land, which is also one of the main causes of soil pollution.

Effects of soil pollution :

If the waste materials are left at some place for a few days, then foul smell starts to arise from them and gradually erosion of flour also starts, due to which the fertility of the soil decreases.
Due to soil pollution, the value of land in the surrounding areas becomes much lower as compared to other areas. Because there is neither any fertile land nor pure environment in this area.
Due to soil pollution, the most severe damage is caused to vegetation. Vegetation also gets contaminated and ends.
Apart from vegetation, the biggest side effect of soil pollution is to the children of the surrounding areas. Children always play in the soil, so due to soil pollution, viruses, bacteria from the soil directly enter their body and their health deteriorates. Land pollution causes various types of cancer.

Prevention of soil pollution :

1)We should use only biodegradable products for agriculture. If we use biodegradable dreams, we can save the agricultural land from soil pollution.
2)Toxic waste materials coming out of the industries should be put 5 to 6 feet below the soil. It helps in that its effect on the soil is minimized.
3)We should use only paper or cloth bags while shopping from the market or anywhere else, using which we can avoid soil pollution.
4)We should use cloth or reusable duster instead of tissue paper.
5)To prevent soil pollution, we should make ourselves as well as others aware.
6)We should use such things which we can use once again.

Conclusion :

After reading this essay, we come to the conclusion that land is one of the most important natural resources for us. It is futile to imagine vegetation and human life due to soil pollution. If the land continues to be polluted in this way, then in the coming time the life of all the living beings will go towards an unbalanced system, so we should save the soil from getting polluted.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution Essay :

  1. Soil pollution is the contamination of soil by the introduction of harmful substances into it.
  2. The sources of soil pollution include industrial waste, agricultural activities, improper disposal of household waste, and mining activities.
  3. Soil pollution can have adverse effects on the ecosystem, human health, and plant growth.
  4. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and petroleum products are some of the common pollutants found in the soil.
  5. Soil pollution can lead to the loss of biodiversity and the depletion of soil nutrients, which can affect food production.
  6. Soil pollution can also cause soil erosion and reduce the ability of soil to absorb water. Which can lead to flooding.
  7. Remediation of soil pollution can be expensive and time-consuming.
  8. Prevention of soil pollution is the most effective way to tackle the problem. And it can be achieved through proper waste management, sustainable agricultural practices, and the use of environmentally friendly products.
  9. Governments and environmental organizations play a vital role in raising awareness about soil pollution. Also implementing policies to mitigate its effects.
  10. It is important to monitor soil quality regularly and take measures to prevent soil pollution. It will provide a healthy environment for future generations.

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