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Save water, save life. This slogan indicates that, What is the importance of water in our life cycle. Among all the planets only life is present only on the earth, only because of water. Water is one of those substance which is extremely needed to live the life on any planet. Even first life is also born from water only. So we must take care of this precious gift of god for our present and also for our future generation.


Water is one of the most precious thing on the earth. Like Air, Land, Food, the water is also required to survive the life on the earth. Without this water we cannot imagine or we are not able to live the life on the earth. Water is our life, it will used in huge amount for making our life possible on earth. It is used for making our food, washing our cloths and utensils, for bathing and many more things which we are doing in our daily life. So we must take some action from our end to save the water and save our beautiful earth. So please “SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE, SAVE EARTH”.


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Water is very useful element for our life. Without water, we cannot imagine the life on the earth. Water is one of the most important element which is responsible for possibility of life on the earth. We already know that 71 percent of earth is covered by water surface but this water is undrinkable. Even this water is undrinkable , it is useful for making the life possible on the earth because it absorbs the heat from sun and make the earth wormer which is required to live the life.

Due to water cycle some amount of this water is converted to drinkable water. This water is useful for washing clothes, Bathing, washing kitchen utensils and for many things. In this way water plays an important role for living life on the earth for every living things which are preset in atmosphere. Apart from human beings, plants and animals also need water for their life cycle.

But in today’s time, we are wasting and polluting the water without thinking and understanding the consequences of water scarcity. So we must need to take the initiative to save the water from being polluted. We need to make some habits in our daily life to save the water for our self and also for our future generation.


Water is the most useful gem on the earth. Life is possible on this earth only because of water. It is difficult to imagine the life of mankind and other species without water. It is a precious gift for life through nature, or instead, it is the basis of life of the entire fauna and flora on earth. Seventy percent of our land is aquatic, the sea which is the largest source of water is a vast reservoir of water spread throughout the earth. But the water that is require for human beings and other living beings to drink and use in other works is only 3 percent on this earth. Therefore today we need to say that water is life and from today we should vow not to waste it.

Usable water on our earth is gradually getting depleted, and we are human beings for this reason too. If we continue to destroy nature in this way, then the day is not far when the third world war will be for water. We can live without food for a few days but cannot live for even a day without water because 70 percent of the human body is of water.

Even today, if we make ourselves aware and now that we will not play with nature, plant more trees, irrigate water and do not use it in vain, then surely we will meet this shortage of water. During rainy, a lot of the water that falls on the earth goes into the sea. If we collect that water by making a pond, reservoir, pool, etc. then we can store a lot of water and use it in our daily life.

What should we do to save water

There are many countries in the world, which make the salt water of the sea drinkable with special machines and use it, we should develop a similar technology. We need to take special steps to increase the level of water inside the earth. We cannot save water reserves until we stop the wasteful use of water. Mahatma Gandhi always used to take as much water as required, the same thinking would be adopted by every human being. If we do not want to see our future generation struggling with water scarcity, then from now on we have to wake up and save our water reserves. If we do not wake up, the next generation will never forgive us. Let us all imbibe this water in our life and save water. Here the first essay on save water is end.



Nature has given us many precious things, and one of them is water, which is life for all this rain. Without water, we cannot even imagine human life. We can remain hungry, but we cannot live for a day without water. The sea is the largest reservoir of water on this earth, but we cannot use that water because the water of the sea is saline. Humans and other animals depend on the water of rivers, ponds, reservoirs, and groundwater on the earth. Only 3 percent of the water on this entire earth is suitable for us to use. But now our sources of water are gradually ending and today if the biggest crisis is facing the world, then it is a water crisis.

Why Should We Save Water

Interference with the flow of rivers, cutting of trees, an expenditure of rainwater, waste water, non-accumulation of water, and increasing water pollution. And creating the biggest water crisis for us today.Today, there are many places in the world where there is not a drop to drink. People have to go for water far and wide, farmers are disturbed due to the drought. The creatures of the forest are dying, the rivers are drying up – Everything is the result of our mistakes.

We have not used limited water resources properly. We have wasted water in everyday life, we see how people waste water. Due to similar expenditure of water, today such situations have arisen that the water reserves are exhausted. Many people do not even have drinking water in the summer season. During the rainy season, a lot of water flows into the sea and becomes saline. Due to lack of proper water storage system, we are not able to store even that rainy water. On the one hand, the expenditure of so much water and on the other hand there is no system for its storage, is a big reason for the water crisis.

Necessity to Save Water

Saudi Arabia is a country in the world where most of the desert land is there, but there is such a system of water accumulation that there is never a problem of water. India and other countries should make similar arrangements. We should store water by creating ponds, reservoirs, and canals everywhere. Pollution in the rivers should be stopped and kept clean. The absence of rain in time also gives rise to the water crisis. We have to stop playing with the environment and stop cutting of forests completely. By planting more and more trees, we have to make nature green again, only then can we expect good rain.

In our daily life, we have to use water properly and limited. Where a glass of water is required, we shed a tank of water. We have to change this habit. For this, people need to make us aware. World Water Day is also celebrated every year on 22 March so that people understand the importance of water and make themselves responsible. Water is life, everyone needs to adopt this mantra in their lives, only then we will be able to improve our today. And only then our future generations will be able to escape from the water crisis. If we do not wake up today, tomorrow may be late. If there is water, it is today, tomorrow, thinking that we should all save this gift of nature. Here the second essay on save water is end.

save water



Water is the most precious gem on earth. Life is possible on this earth only because of water. It is difficult to imagine the life of mankind and other species without water. It is a precious gift for life through nature, or instead, it is the basis of life of the entire fauna and flora on earth.

Effects of Water Scarcity

Clean and pure drinking water is also necessary for a decent, healthy, and dignified life. In a recent report submitted by the World Health Organization, it is found that the lack of safe drinking water is leading to a series of people making the sick. The main cause of more than 85 percent of diseases worldwide.

There are many reasons for the water crisis that we are all facing right now, and the most important reason is that it is a big mistake of the entire human community. It never recognized the value of water and wasted far more than it received. Such a waste that even the ponds,river ,lakes and tap have dried up. It is noteworthy that water is a never-ending natural resource. But only one percent of the amount of water on the earth is clean water and it is worth our use. Therefore, people have to understand the importance of water in due course of time. Friendship with water will have to be meaningful.

Causes of Fresh Water Scarcity

Arsenic, iron, etc., which are dissolving day and night in water, are polluting the water, which is causing all kinds of health problems. Lack of pure drinking water is the most widespread and passive form of human rights violation in our country.

The way water consumption has increased in today’s modern world with the increasing population, 1.10 billion citizens are forced to drink contaminated drinking water and are deprived of their birthright of pure water. Such a situation is a matter of concern for the government and the entire human community. It is noteworthy that on 29 July 2010, the United Nations has also declared the availability of clean water a human right. According to the United Nations, access to clean water facilities will now be the basic human right of every person.

This institution, representing 192 countries, declared the availability of clean water as our basic right, but are we using our right to clean water right, maybe not. Because we humans who live on water are using it remotely. As a result, earlier the water crisis would have increased only in the summer, but today the situation is such that the danger of water crisis is hanging on our head like a sword throughout the year.

How Can We Help To Save Water

In the same manner, the message of public awareness for water conservation, like the Cleanliness Campaign, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is very commendable and necessary. Come, before the extent is pass, we should join this water conservation mission. Just as we are now shying away from spreading filth in public places, in the same way now we all have to fear the misuse of water. The necessity of winning as much as we need to win must become a rule of our life.

All the countrymen have to come forward openly for cooperation in this new mission of Modi Ji. Everyone has to know the importance of water and try to conserve it. This will keep this unique creation, and our tomorrow will be safe. Because there is water then only tomorrow.

Today all of them know and believe that water is life and without water everything is zero. Even then, people are busy day and night destroying this valuable asset. Bypassing it correctly how and how much to spend. If experts are to be believed, then the water crisis can be prevented from further polluting the groundwater.

Like other countries of the world. If this source is developed, preserved, and managed in a useful manner, then this gift of nature in all the areas of India can prove to be truly renewable. But this requires intense will power in public. If everyone understands the need for water conservation and makes water conservation a part of their life, then they can meet the shortage of clean water. Modi Ji’s Save Water campaign can help them for overcoming such water shortage.

How to Save Water

70% of the earth surface is covered by water. But only 2.5 % is freshwater for drinking purpose and other uses. As we know, the water is unlimited resource on earth but due to unnecessary use of water it will end soon. But if we reduce the use of extra amount of water in our daily use for various activities like cloth washing, bathing , watering the plants, cleaning cars and utensils etc. then we can really able to save water for our future generations. Below there are 10 tips that can help to save water. Here the third essay on save water is end.

10 ways to save water

  • First accept that ,it is your personal responsibility to save water in your daily life.
  • Reduce the use of water for unnecessary activity in your daily life.
  • we can use the full capacity of our machinery like washing machine while washing clothes to reduce the maximum water consumption by our machines.
  • We can reuse the water where it is possible , like hand wash water can use for watering the plants.
  • Watering the plants at the time of evening to minimize the water evaporation.
  • By reducing the use of shower, we can use buckets. it will definitely save more water in our daily life.
  • Turn off all the running taps ,when the use is done.
  • The awareness about save water is to be spreads in our area, locality, school, and public places.
  • Educating the students for how to save water in schools and giving the knowledge about the values of water.
  • Water can also be save by installing the methods like rain water harvesting , storing the running water by making dams and in many other ways.


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Why it is important to save water?

Ans : It is very important to save water because only very few percentage of water is drinkable on the earth surface. If we waste the water continuously, it will end soon. Hence we need to save water.

How can we save water 10 lines?

Ans : Reduce the unnecessary use of water, reuse the water in the possible ways, reduce the use of showers and use the bucket for bath, Close the running taps and leaks, Spread the knowledge and importance of saving water.

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