Essay on Safety of Women in india ( Long and Short Essay on Safety of Women in India in English 2023 )

Essay on Safety of Women in India
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 6 different types of Essay on Safety of Women are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words ,1000 words in the below paragraphs. We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Safety of Women in India . This will be helpful for children to write an essay on Safety of Women in India and this essay are good for class 1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10th. Also some information about topics related to Safety of Women is also included in this article. Like How to write an essay about the Safety of Women, Crime against women in India in simple words, safety laws for women, some tips regarding women’s safety…..  and etc.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay on Safety of Women For Lower 5th,6th,7thClasses

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Essay on Safety of Women, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an essay on Safety of Women in India:

  • Explain  Safety of Women in India.
  • some tips regarding women’s safety…..
  • Explain laws for women Safety.
  • some tips regarding women’s safety.

Long and Short Essay on Safety of Women in India in English


Essay on Safety of Women – Essay 1 ( 100 words )


Nowadays, the safety of women’s become a major problem. Most women’s faced with it every day, every minute in the world. No one can say that the women/girls are safe by seeing the past few years’ criminal records. Everyone knows about India and how the peoples respect women.
In Indian culture, women are considered the Goddess Lakshmi. They have given the place of the goddess. Indian women are found working in all the fields, such as Army, Medical, business, banks, politics, space, and many more. Regarding this, women are unsafe. They are facing the problem of harassment. We heard the rape cases, acid attacks, etc.

Hence woman’s safety becomes a doubtful topic. The crime rates against women are increasing day by day. Due to this, women are thinking twice about stepping out of the home, especially at night.
Furthermore, domestic violence and honor killing have become very common here. The wife stays in the relationship due to the pressure/fear of society. Due to the regressive thinking of people, they kill their daughter before or after born.

Essay on Safety of Women in india

Safety of Women in India – Essay 2 (150 words)


Today the safety of women is widely discussed everywhere in India. It has become a very serious issue. The crime rate is skyrocketing. As we talk about today’s scenario, many women/girls are still facing the problem of gender discrimination, harassment, child marriage, sexual abuse, etc.

According to statistics from National Crime Records Bureau, the top rate of crime against women was recorded in Chennai in 2500 (around 4,037 incidences).88 rape cases per day were registered in India in the year 2019. It is also found that every two out of three women have suffered around 2 to 5 times sexual harassment.

Due to this, women’s are losing their confidence in front of the police officer. As a result, they can’t complain confidently about the problem they face.
Many laws are for the safety of women. For example, section 354 of the Indian penal code deals with the punishment for a person who uses criminal force on any woman. In Section 375 of the Indian penal code talks about the rape of females. Section 292 shows pornographic or obscene pictures, books, or slips to women or girls will draw a fine of Rs. 2000.

Essay on Safety of Women in India – Essay 3 (200 words)


Around 662.90 million females were women from different fields, which makes the country proud. But as our country is developing, women are getting a chance to show their intelligence, yet due to the lack of rules and regulations of the government, many cases of women harassment are getting a rise. Government should pass strict rules and regulations. Not only women are unsafe, but nowadays, small girls are also unsafe.

They are being tortured in their homes by their family members and relatives. Women are unsafe in their homes, also. In India, most states, women are treated as servants of the house, being dominated by their families. As well, in most villages, women are forced to marry at a very early age. Due to this, they are not given an opportunity to learn and development. So many times, women are abused and ill-treated by their senior officers, making them feel unsafe.

Many senior officers ask for favors from their women staff to increase their salary packages or promotions. We heard so many cases of schools and colleges where girls are being harassed by their teachers; several girls students even avoid to go their schools and colleges due to this pressure.

Essay on Safety of Women in India – Essay 4 (300 words)



The safety of women becomes a major issue. Women scare to go alone out of their homes due to unsafe situations. The crime rate is on strike. Women are neither safe outside nor at home. There are laws, but there should be proper safety measures that we have to follow strictly. Following are some tips regarding women’s safety…..

1) There must be police patrolling at night so that the women can come back home safely from their job.
2) Self-defense training in schools and colleges should be mandatory.
3) Women empowerment is highly needed in our society by providing them with all necessary education.
4) Government should abolish the dowry system.
5) They should be careful while communicating with someone on the internet in cyberspace.
6) Women should never go alone with an unknown person in an unknown place.
7) Government should pass some strict and binding laws to overcome crime against women.
8) The point of view on the girls’ child should be changed. Girl child and boy child are same. Should stop the discrimination against Genders


We should never forget that women are the most influential living being. They give us birth and are the most respected person in everyone’s life. So working for their safety is our priority. It should be solved urgently by the effort of all.

Essay on Safety of Women in India – Essay 5 (500 words)



Crime against women has become a serious problem. The crime rate is continue increasing day by day. Government should take strict action to reduce the crime rate. The women feel unsafe while going outside of their homes. Last, some crimes against women, especially rape cases, were very fearful. Domestic violence, sexual assault, and murder are common forms of violence against women in India. Compared to today’s situation, in earlier times, the condition of women across the globe was worse.

Education and Economic Development

Many women in Rural Areas are still illiterate, or the literacy rate is less than the boys, whereas in urban areas literacy rate is the same as the boys. We can say that there is a big gap between boys and girls in rural areas. Therefore most crimes are seen in Rural Areas. In India, some states like Kerala and Mizoram have acquire universal female literacy.

Conforming to the statistics of 2015, it is found that the women’s literacy rate is 60.6%. At the same time, the male literacy rate is 81.3%. Women’s literacy rate is still less than the boys’ Because of the school facilities, gender discrimination in society, shortage of female teachers, etc. If women become literate and learn to stand up for themselves, the crime rate against women will automatically be decreased.

Crimes against women in India

There is a long list of crimes against women. For example – Acid attacks, child marriage, domestic violence, child labor, child abuse, sex-selective abortion, murder, dowry death
Mostly we hear about rape cases nowadays. It is increasing because most of the victims do not go for complaint the file due to the pressure of family members. As a result, they do not get justice. In this situation, many women can’t see any other way except suicide. Crime against women creates a sense of insecurity and fear in the community.

What are the safety laws for women in India?

The government has started the laws for women. Some of the rules are the child marriage Restraint Act of 1929, the unique marriage Act of 1954, the Hindus widows Remarriage Act of 1856, the Foreign Marriage Act of 1969, the Indian Divorce Act of 1969, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1971, the Christian marriage Act of 1872, the married Indian property Act 1874, Births, death & marriages Registration Act 1886, protection of women’s from domestic violence Act 2005, sexual harassment of women’s at workplace Act 2013, the commissions for the safety of child Right Act 2005, etc.

Essay on Safety of Women in india

Essay on Safety of Women in India – Essay 5 (1000 words)



In the 21st century, women are not safe in any form in our society. Even if she is an 8 month old baby. Very shameful thing for our country. Where women are worshiped as goddesses, an 8-month-old baby girl is not safe in our society. Every day when we see the newspaper, we get to read about rape, exploitation and crimes against women. Minor girls are molested in the society.

Whether it is home, office, office, banks, park or hospital, women are not feeling safe anywhere. Women are harassed on the way. As soon as they step out of the house, there remains a fear inside the girls and women that some bad behavior may happen to them. A woman is raped every 30 minutes in the country.

Why women are feeling unsafe

It is bound to feel insecure by the women in view of the crimes and rapes happening on women every day. School and college going girls continue to fear insecurity. In our society, acid is thrown on a girl walking on the street and her face is disfigured. Or not with only one or two girls, don’t know with how many girls such incidents happen. A woman is raped every 20 minutes.

The incident of rape which shook the whole country and the fear of that incident is so ingrained in the minds of girls and women that even today their soul trembles thinking about that incident. This is the incident of Nirbhaya rape case. From whose fear this country will probably never recover. It is even more surprising that in the greed of money, the parents themselves force their daughter to do prostitution. This is proof that girls are not safe even in their own homes. Dowry system, kidnapping, acid throwing, sexual abuse, feticide and mental harassment all these things are forcing women to feel insecure.

Laws made for women’s safety

Many laws have been made by the government for the safety of women. Child Marriage Act in 1929, Special Marriage Act in 1954, Hindu Marriage Act in 1955, Muslim Women Protection Act in 1986, National Commission of Women Act in 1990, Sexual Harassment of Women Act in 2013. In addition, on 22 December 2015, the Juvenile Justice Bill was amended by the Rajya Sabha. Under this bill, it was said that if a child of 16 to 18 years is found to be involved in any heinous crime, then there should be a provision of harsh punishment for that too.

Women safety tips

Women lag far behind men in rural areas. The female literacy rate is very low in these areas. The reason for the low rate of female literacy is the lack of schools in rural areas. The biggest thing is that the people of the village think that what will the girls do after studying, they have to take care of the household chores. Such mentality of people works to suppress women.

To make women aware of their safety, it is very important for them to be educated. Girls should be taught to fight for their own safety by the teachers in the schools. So that he can protect himself.


It is the duty of men to protect women. Laws made for the safety of women should be followed. Such mentality of people that if women wear short clothes then they get raped. The mindset of people who speak and think like this should be changed. Today the daughter-in-law and daughters of our country are not safe in their own homes, what a shame it is for us. We must think about this.

Daughter-in-law and daughters are in everyone’s house, that’s why we should give respect and respect to other’s daughters-in-law as well as our own daughters-in-law. And the girls of our house should not be suppressed but should be made so capable that they can fight for their safety. Today in our society, not the girls but our boys should be taught that daughters-in-law should be respected. Women should also do everything possible for their safety.

Nothing will happen by living in fear, but we should learn to fight. Efforts should be made to change the mindset of the people. People who judge a girl’s character by her clothes after rape should think that they also have daughter-in-law and daughters in their house. Such mentality works to degrade our country. We should do everything possible for the safety of women. So that women feel safe in our country.

FAQs on Women safety Essay

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