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Essay on railway Station
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  • Explain Essay on Railway Station.
  • livelihood at railway stations.
  • Amenities at Railway Station.
  • railway station facilities.
  • Conclusion.

Essay on Railway Station in 200 Words 

( Short Essay on railway Station )

A railway station is a place where the movement of trains continues. The work of a train is to take the passengers from here to there, to reach them at their destination. Trains also do the work of carrying goods. Railway station is such a place, where we also get to see small shops.

There is also a waiting room at the railway station, where people can wait for the arrival of the train. Whenever we think of a railway station, a movie is created in our mind, in which we see the entire station. We often see different types of people at the railway station. Here all the time vendors and hawkers are seen shouting.

There is a constant sale of food, utility items and various things at the railway station. Railway station is such an important place from where people are provided the facility to move from one place to another. There is also a ticket counter here, from where you can book tickets to go to different places.

We see small shops at most of the railway stations. For example, tea shops, book shops, book shops are opened at railway stations because many people like to read during the journey, so they can take books from there and read and spend the journey comfortably. There are also tea and snack shops at the railway station, so that the passengers do not have any problem of eating and drinking.

Trains of many routes pass through a railway station, people travel in the same train on which route the train will reach their destination. On the other hand some people are waiting for the guests coming to their house or wait for their family members, come to receive them at the railway station. Similarly, different scenes are seen at different places at the railway station. People get a lot of joy from all these visions.

Essay on Railway Station in 300 Words for Students

Introduction :

Railway stations are basically places where trains stop, pick up and unload passengers and goods. It can also be represented as a small waiting area where people wait for their respective trains to depart or arrive. Usually, these places also have small shops, benches and waiting rooms. As soon as the word “railway station” comes to our mind, an image pops up of a place with constant train whistles, announcements and chaos all around.

Livelihood at railway stations :

This place is full of different types of people. Here you can see vendors and hawkers shouting all the time, there is a constant sale of various items to eat and use. Railway station is that important place, which provides the convenience of people to move from one place to another and also expects the same from the visitors. There is a ticket counter from where you can book tickets for specific destinations.

Bookstalls are also found at most stations, as many people are fond of reading during their journey. railway station; The station is also equipped with master’s and enquiry’s offices. A police station is also provided here to monitor criminal activities. Whom we know by the name of Railway Police.

Conclusion :

As the railway station is provided with route tracks and halting facilities for various trains, people arrive here to reach their destinations. For some of them, the destination is the station where they reach. Hence it is a place where emotional feelings also arise. Some such moments are seen in which the loved ones are saying goodbye to their family or close people. On the other hand, some people look forward to the arrival of their near and dear ones or family members and are overjoyed as soon as they arrive.

Essay on Railway Station in 400 Words in English 

Introduction :

Railway station is the place where movement of people is seen throughout the day. Obviously, this is a halting place for trains. That’s why we can see people here and walk around almost 24 hours a day.

Amenities at Railway Station :

How much and what level of facilities are there at a railway station depends on its location. If it is a small station, then here you get some basic facilities like small tea shop, benches, washrooms and ticket counters. But the larger railway station offers a variety of facilities such as toilets, ATM machines, restaurants, various food stalls, and many more. Major railway stations are few in number. People are benefited by the existence of railway stations. Millions of people travel every day, tons of goods are loaded and unloaded daily by trains. Railway stations provide a place for people to wait for their scheduled train.

Services of railway stations :

Railway station is a place to provide various facilities to the passengers with respect to the travel criteria. The present conditions and services have improved a lot from the earlier situation. Indian Railways is trying its level best to accommodate various technologies for convenient travel of passengers and thus move towards digitalization.

Continuous improvement of services by technological advancement, making the journey of passengers safe, convenient and environment friendly.

1)The ticketing system has changed to online medium, now tickets can be easily booked through online medium at any place.
2)Information about the current status of trains, arrival and departure timings, is now easily available on large screens at stations.
Ticket machines have been installed at stations.
3)Promoting cashless transactions, each and every kind of food ordering services are implemented online.
4)Most stations are equipped with bio-toilets.
50Engineless Vande Bharat train has been a major achievement for the Indian Railways.
6)Railway stations are equipped with facilities like CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi as well as various security measures.
Coming to the present situation, when the entire world was affected by the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19), the facilities at railway stations were improved for the passengers. Digitally segregated automatic sanitization machines, testing facilities, masks and other safety services have been ensured.

Conclusion :

Railway stations are very crowded places. The scenario here is quite different. People keep walking here day and night. Many are traveling towards their destinations while some of them are reaching their destinations. Goods are also brought from one place to another, goods are loaded or unloaded. Overall it is an important place that serves many basic needs and activities.

Essay on railway Station For Students
Essay on railway Station For Students

Essay on Railway Station in 1000 Words

( Long Essay on railway Station )

Introduction :

Nowadays we get to see railway stations everywhere in small or big cities or even in villages. Understanding the convenience of everyone, the government has arranged railway station trains everywhere. Platforms are also made according to their dignity at these railway stations, where there are small railway stations. There are fewer platforms and where there are bigger railway stations, there are more platforms.

livelihood at train station :

It is a place where different types of people are seen. Here you can see vendors any time, here you can also get all kinds of food items. Some items are such that they are sold continuously, that is, the livelihood of the people at the railway station is very comfortable. There people do not have any problem with anything.

Many trains are prepared according to the passengers in such a way that all kinds of facilities are available in the train. For example, in a long-distance train, we are provided with all kinds of arrangements for eating, drinking and sleeping, due to which the passengers do not face any problem in traveling.

railway station facilities :

Nowadays, all kinds of facilities are available to us at the railway station, from small to big, whether it is a small railway station or a big railway station. We can find tea shop at every station. Somehow, at big stations, many types of services are available to us such as waiting room to sit, benches, ATM machines, all food items, etc., many types of services are easily available.

Millions of people travel every day. To make their journey comfortable, the government has kept the train well equipped and organized.

Train station services :

If seen, there has been a lot of progress in today’s train station service. The government has introduced many such new technologies, due to which people do not face any problem in movement. The government has provided the best facilities to the tourists, in which there have been many improvements in the present conditions and services in the first place.

Indian Railways has provided very good facilities to make the travel of the people easy. We get all kinds of facilities like toilets, food items, etc. in the train, due to which the journey of the people becomes easy and the government is making constant efforts to digitize the facility by improving the present conditions.

Benefits of privatization of Indian Railways :

The government has handed over the privatization of Indian Railways to companies to make them better, to work on them better and to 1)improve the Indian railway system.
2)The railway station is kept very clean.
3)Passengers are given more facilities and security.
4)As the infrastructure improves, it helps the trains to arrive on time.

Disadvantages of privatization of Indian Railways :

Ever since the government has handed over the privatization of Indian Railways to companies. Since then government jobs have almost 1)disappeared, as have all the private companies. She believes in giving employment to people by giving them more money.
2)The high fare becomes very difficult for a common man and poor people.
3)It will also happen that the government train may be delayed, as private trains will be signaled to leave first.

For 90 years Indian Railways is being run by electricity. Earlier Indian Railways was run by coal. But now due to new technology Indian Railways is run by solar energy. There are a lot of benefits from this and Indian Railways has made a lot of development. Carbon emissions are also reduced by the use of solar energy and people are not harmed either.

Conclusion :

In this way, our Indian Railways has made a lot of progress, due to which it has become very easy for the passengers to travel by train. The ticketing system has also been converted to online media. Now ordering can be done very easily with online media anywhere. Information about today’s train arrival and departure status is readily available on large screens at the station.

10 Lines on Railway Station Essay :

  1. A railway station is a place where trains stop for passengers to get on and off.
  2. Railway stations can range from small, rural stations to large, bustling urban hubs.
  3. Railway stations usually have platforms where passengers wait for trains and ticket booths where tickets can be purchased.
  4. Many railway stations also have amenities such as restrooms, cafes, and shops.
  5. Railway stations serve as important transportation hubs, connecting people and goods to various parts of the country and the world.
  6. Railway stations can be busy and crowded, especially during peak travel times.
  7. Railway stations are often staffed by station masters, ticket collectors, and other personnel who ensure the smooth operation of the station.
  8. Railway stations are important cultural landmarks and have been the setting for many famous movies, books, and songs.
  9. Some railway stations are known for their architecture and historical significance, such as Grand Central Terminal in New York City and St. Pancras Station in London.
  10. With the rise of high-speed rail and other modern transportation technologies, the role of railway stations in transportation continues to evolve.

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