Essay on Newspaper ( Top – 7 Long and Short Newspaper Essay )

Essay on newspaper
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 6 different types of Essay on newspaper are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of 100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words ,1000 words in the below paragraphs.

We have prepared a lot of things insight about our newspaper. This will be helpful for children to write an essay on newspaper the from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to newspaper is also included in this article. Like How to write an essay about the newspaper, What is newspaper in simple words, History of newspaper, Importance of newspaper and etc.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay on newspaper For Lower 5th,6th,7th Classes

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Essay on Essay on newspaper  , they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an essay on Essay on newspaper :

  • Explain what is newspaper .
  • History of newspaper.
  • Importance of newspaper.
  • Benefits of newspaper.

Essay on newspaper

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 1 (100 words)


Newspaper is one of the important things in our life. We use it every day. It provides us information about the news around us as well as the news of the country and abroad. The newspaper provides us with the news of every field equally. Whether it is the field of sports or politics or technical field, newspapers perform their work very well.

In today’s time, newspapers provide us with the description of all the events happening in the present and also increase our knowledge. So newspaper has become an important part of our life without which we are incomplete.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 2 (150 words)


In today’s time, the newspaper has become a different importance. We get information about any event through the newspaper. The newspaper provides us the explanation of every incident very easily.

There is also a specialty of the newspaper that it provides us more news than its value. This is the reason why most of the people prefer to read newspaper in the morning. Apart from this, newspapers also prove helpful in increasing your knowledge. It provides us with the news of every field, which increases our knowledge about new fields and the current status of the fields we know about.

By reading newspapers, apart from the information around us, we also get information about the country and abroad, with the help of which we remain aware of the current situation.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 3 (250 words)


At present, newspapers have become an important role in our life. It has become one of the most essential things for us. We like to read newspaper in the morning leaving all our other work. It also shows the attachment to our newspaper. There are many news in the newspaper which are related to many fields.

Newspapers are also available in many languages. Everyone selects the newspaper according to their preferred language. The newspaper may be in any language, but the purpose of the newspaper is always the same, to give correct and informative news. Apart from this, people have different favorite areas like someone likes technical news and someone related to sports. Some only read news related to politics and some only read news related to business. This selection also depends on the person reading it.

Newspapers were brought to India by the British. Before that there were no newspapers in India. India’s first newspaper “The Bengal Gazette” was published in Calcutta in 1780 and its editor was James Hickey. After this the fame of newspapers started increasing in India and this is the reason that many newspapers are available in India today.

By reading newspapers daily, we get a clear idea of ​​the current happenings. There is another advantage of reading newspaper daily that it also increases our ability to study and understand our knowledge.

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Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 4 (300 words)


Newspapers today have become the easiest medium to get information about information. We get information about current events from newspapers everyday. First thing in the morning, people prefer to read newspapers leaving aside other tasks so that they can keep complete news of their village or city, country and the world. Newspapers provide us with news from various fields such as politics, sports, technology, economics, and film industry.

Start of newspaper

The newspaper first started in the 16th century from a place called Basin in Italy. Later newspapers became famous and they were appreciated all over the world. Its fame was so great that other countries started adopting it. But newspapers really gained more popularity when England started adopting it in the early 17th century.
Newspapers first appeared in India during the British rule. India’s first newspaper in Kolkata in 1780 AD. It was published under the name of ‘The Bengal Gazette’. The newspaper was edited by James Hickey. After this, the popularity of newspapers started increasing in India like other countries and today there are many types of newspapers in India.


Reading newspaper daily increases knowledge. It also enhances our ability to understand and study. Newspaper provides us information related to current events in different fields. Newspapers are for all ages. Whether it is a small or a big newspaper, some or the other news is available for everyone. By studying the newspaper daily, we come to know about the current situation of the country and the world.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 5 (350 words)


Nowadays, newspapers have become a necessity of life. It is available in the market in almost all languages. A newspaper is a publication of news that is printed on paper and distributed to people’s homes. Different countries have their own separate news organization. Newspapers inform us about all the events happening in our country as well as the events happening in the world. It gives us absolutely accurate information about sports, policies, religion, society, economy, film industry, film, food, employment etc.

Use of newspaper

In the earlier times, only the details of the news were published in the newspapers, however, now it contains news and views of experts on many subjects and even information on almost all subjects. Many newspapers are priced differently in the market due to the details of their news and popularity in that area. All the current events of daily life are published regularly in the newspaper or newspaper, however, some of them are published once a week or twice a week, once or even once a month.

Newspaper serves more than one purpose to the people according to their need and requirement. Newspapers are very effective and powerful and bring all the news and information of the world to the people at one place. Its cost is very less as compared to information. It keeps us informed about all the happenings around us.


If we make a habit of reading newspaper regularly every day, then it can be very beneficial for us. It develops the habit of reading in us, improves our impression and gives us all the information about the outside. This is the reason why some people have the habit of reading newspaper regularly every morning.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 6 (400 words)


Newspaper is a very important thing these days. It is the first and foremost thing for everyone to start their day. And It is always better to start your day with the latest news and information. It makes us confident and helps us to improve our personality. And It provides us all with tons of information and news first thing in the morning. Being a citizen of the country, we are fully responsible to know about all the happenings and controversies happening in our country as well as other countries. It informs us about politics, sports, business, industry etc. It also gives us an insight into the personal lives of Bollywood and business personalities.

History of newspaper

Newspapers were not prevalent in our country India before the arrival of the British. It was the British who developed newspapers in India. In 1780, India’s first newspaper was published in Kolkata named “The Bengal Gazette” which was edited by James Hickey. This was the moment when newspapers developed in India. Today newspapers are being published in different languages ​​in India.

What is newspaper?

Newspaper gives us information about culture, traditions, arts, mutual dance etc. In such modern times when all people do not have time to know anything apart from their profession or job, it tells us the day and date of fairs, festivals, festivals, cultural festivals etc. It gives news about society, education, future, motivational messages and topics as well as interesting stuff, so it never bores us. It always encourages us through its interesting topics about all the things in the world.


In the present time, when everyone is so busy in their life, it is hardly possible for them to be aware of the information or news about the outside world, so newspapers are the best option to remove such weakness. . It gives us detailed information about an event in just 15 minutes or half an hour. It is very beneficial for people belonging to all walks of life as it holds information according to everyone like students, businessmen, politicians, sportsmen, teachers, entrepreneurs etc.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 7 (500 words)


The newspaper comes to us every morning and by reading it we get a lot of information, due to which it provides us with many facilities. The newspaper is gaining immense popularity in all the regions due to its increasing importance day by day, whether the region is backward or in the advanced society, people are increasing their knowledge level and knowing about current affairs, especially politics and Bollywood. more excited for. It is very important for the students to read newspaper as it gives general information about everyone. It also helps us to clear their technical or competitive exams for any government or non-government job.

Importance of newspaper

Reading newspapers is an activity of great interest. If one becomes fond of reading it regularly then he/she can never stop reading newspaper. It is very good for students as it teaches us to speak English properly. Newspapers have now become very famous even in the backward areas of the country. A person speaking any language can read the newspaper as it is published in different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Urdu etc. Newspaper is very important for all of us as it brings us hundreds of news from all corners of the world.

Newspaper: Information about all the activities of politics

News is our first interest and attraction. Without newspapers and news, we are nothing more than fish out of water. India is a democratic country, where people rule their country, so it is very important for them to know all the activities of politics. In the modern technological world, where everything depends on high technologies, news and news are also available on computer and internet. Using the Internet, we can access all the information in the world. Newspaper is the best way to raise awareness among the general public about any social issue. Along with this, it is the best way to communicate between the general public and the government of the country.


Newspapers are of utmost importance in today’s popular system. Newspapers are a means of increasing knowledge, so we should make a habit of studying them regularly. Life is incomplete in today’s era without newspapers. In today’s time, the importance of news has increased a lot because in today’s modern era, what the rulers fear the most are newspapers.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 8 (600 words)


Newspaper is a very powerful tool which develops the self-confidence and personality of a person. It is the best means of communication between people and the world. It is the most important medium of knowledge. And It is the best source of gaining more knowledge and information as well as enhancing the skill level. It is available in almost all areas, along with this its cost is also very low. We can easily access newspapers. For this we just need to pay for it by just contacting any newspaper organization. It is published in different languages ​​of the country. Many people wait for the newspaper with great courage every morning.

Positive effect of newspaper

Newspaper positively affects the people of the society because in today’s time everyone is interested in knowing the current events of the country. Newspaper is the best way of engagement between the government and the people. It provides the details of all the big and small news of the whole world to the people. It makes the people of the country aware about the rules, laws and rights. Newspapers are very important for the students, because it tells about general knowledge and current events especially of national and international level. It informs us about all the joys, developments, new technologies, researches, astronomical and weather changes, natural environment etc.

If we make a habit of reading newspaper regularly every day, it helps us a lot. It develops the habit of reading in us, improves our impression and gives us all the information about the outside. Some people have the habit of reading the newspaper every morning. They become very restless in the absence of newspaper and feel somewhat lonely throughout the day.

Students preparing for competitive exams also read newspapers regularly to keep their mind connected with current affairs. Newspapers publish a lot of news to everyone’s liking under catchy main headlines so no one bothers with it. We should continue to read different newspapers and also encourage other family members and friends to read newspapers.

Benefits of newspaper

There are many advantages of reading newspapers. From newspapers, we get new knowledge of all kinds of events happening in the country and abroad. We get information about new research, new discoveries and new news from newspapers only. We get necessary and important information from government information, orders and advertisements published in it, if there is an accident, disaster like earthquake or flood, then we get information about it immediately through newspapers. With this the newspaper has become a business. Due to which employment is provided to thousands of editors, writers, reporters and other employees.

Loss of newspapers

Where there are so many benefits from newspapers, there are also some disadvantages from them. Sometimes some newspapers also do the work of misleading the public by publishing false news. Similarly, some newspapers work to incite communal feelings, due to which incidents like riots arise in the society. Due to which the atmosphere of unrest prevails all around. Along with this, sometimes the work of misleading the public is done by presenting the correct policies of the government in a wrong way. Due to which the atmosphere of political instability prevails in the country.


Many good articles are edited in newspapers about topics like social issues, humanity, culture, tradition, lifestyle, meditation, yoga etc. It also provides information about the views of the general public and helps us to solve many social and economic issues. Along with this, we also get information about politicians, government policies and policies of opposition parties through newspapers. It also helps us to know the job seeker, to get the children admission in good school, to the traders to know the current business activities, to understand and know the current market trends, new strategies etc. This is the reason why at present the newspaper is also called the fourth pillar of democracy.

Essay on newspaper in English – Essay 9 (1200 words)


Newspaper is a simple medium to deliver or provide information. We use newspapers every day to know the news around us, the country and the world. The newspaper gives us the news of all the fields with complete information. The language of the newspaper is very simple and easy so that everyone can understand it easily. Newspaper is for people of all ages, whether someone is small, there is some news for him or no matter how big someone is, there is definitely some news about his work.

In this way newspapers are useful for everyone. There are many areas in the newspaper and these areas are so many that the reader has many options to read. The value of the newspaper is so low that its value is nothing in front of the information of different areas given in the newspaper. The newspaper covers areas related to political, sports, technical, economics, food, business, employment and film world. Due to having so many areas, the person who buys the newspaper does not consider buying the newspaper as a waste of his money, but considers it to be the right use of the money.

History of newspapers

The history of newspapers is not very old. Newspapers were first introduced in the 16th century in Italy’s Basin. Newspapers became such a good medium of providing information that later its popularity started increasing and it started being practiced in other places of the world as well. The real fame of the newspaper came when it became prevalent in England in the early 17th century and after that its popularity increased at a rate of two times a day.

Not only this, the second reason for its popular or famous is its price, which everyone can buy, and along with it, there is so much news in it that the reader does not consider buying it as a waste of his money, but considers it useful. This is the reason why newspapers have become prevalent all over the world today and are being used in every country.

Newspapers started in India

Newspapers were introduced in India in the 18th century under the British rule. Before that there was no such thing as newspaper in India like other countries. ‘The Bengal Gazette’ is the first newspaper of India in Kolkata in 1780 AD. Published under the editorship of James Hickey.

Importance Of Newspaper

when you read the news. Many positive things are written in it. Reading which makes us interested to read more. For many people, reading newspapers has become a hobby for them. Most of it is used by children and old people. Newspaper is very useful for a student. He gets general information from the newspaper.

If we read English newspaper everyday then we will not have any difficulty in speaking English language. And Newspaper is the biggest means of dissemination of news. It is able to deliver every news to every corner of the world. Newspaper is very important in keeping our life successful and happy.

Newspaper language

A newspaper can be read by a person knowing any language. Newspapers are available in many languages ​​so that the reader can choose the language of his newspaper according to his wish. Due to this, information reaches everywhere, whether it is a city or a village, very easily.

Benefits of newspaper in our life

There are many benefits of reading newspapers. It not only gives you a description of the happenings in the country and abroad, but also makes you an alert person. Newspaper news helps us to be aware. It provides us the description of the events going on in different fields with accurate information, so that we start earning knowledge of every field. Many people prefer to read only the areas related to their work in the newspaper, such as businessmen mainly see news related to business in the newspaper so that they can keep an eye on the activities happening in the market.

Similarly, the youth who are unemployed see golden job opportunities for themselves and also apply for jobs according to their studies. Apart from this, housewives see news related to food in the newspaper. There are some people who like only sports related news and there are some who like to watch only technical news. Apart from all these, there is also a section of readers who read the news of all the fields very carefully and increase their knowledge by acquiring information from all the fields.

Disadvantages of Newspaper

With so many advantages of newspapers, there are some disadvantages as well. There are some newspapers which try their best to mislead people by publishing false news in their newspapers. Exactly like this there are some newspapers which work to increase communal tension in the society. Due to this, an atmosphere of social instability arises in the society.
Apart from this, there are some such newspapers which sometimes present the correct policies of the government in front of the public in a wrong way. This creates political instability.

Type of newspaper

Talking about the types of newspapers, they are of many types. This division is done according to the period of their publication. Some newspapers are published daily, while some are published twice a week, which are called semi-weekly newspapers. Similarly, there are weekly (published once a week), semi-monthly (published twice a month), monthly (published only once a month) types of newspapers.
Apart from this, ‘magazine’ is also a type of newspaper. But the magazine is related to any one field.

Positive Impact Of Newspaper

Newspaper affects our life very much. Newspaper is very useful in our life. Newspapers have a positive effect.

It informs us about all the policies, rules, laws and our rights of our country. It affects our life too.
In this everyday we are told about new great people. Due to which the skill of doing something in our life is born. It attracts us towards the stage of our life and our attention towards our work. Gives new information about the natural environment.

Where should we plant which tree? We are given charitable information about how to make our country clean etc. for many countries and for us.

By which we get motivated. By reading about good people, we feel the shortcomings inside us. And we try to improve it.


Newspapers play an important role in the society. It gives news related to our country and the world, due to which the society is aware of the activities happening at present and due to this, curiosity also remains in the society.
One of the benefits of reading newspapers daily is that it increases our ability to study and understand the language. We also get knowledge of new subjects i.e. new areas by which we start knowing about new areas or subjects as well.


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