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Essay on Nature Conservation
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Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent piece on Essay on Nature Conservation, they ought to take be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

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  • Explain Essay on Nature Conservation.
  • nature conservation methods.
  • Nature Conservation Measures.
  • importance of nature conservation.
  • Conclusion.

Essay on Nature Conservation in 250 words


If nature is seen as an artist, then it would not be unfair to call it a repository of messages. God has given this world a priceless gift in the form of nature. Like slowly smiling flowers, pure water flowing every day, sunlight, land, minerals, plants as well as animals are also included.

Nature is the one who is capable of doing the only natural remedy for every sad life and the means to fill the mind with new energy, this is nature conservation.

Great poets like William Wordsworth, Sumitranandan Pant have written many works inspired by nature conservation as their companion. Green trees and plants which are a very important part of nature, which we also call green gold, from which we get life, which provide us pure and cool air, which provide us sweet fruits, sun which is ancient Since time immemorial, he is worshiped as a deity, who burns himself to illuminate the world. Being constantly in motion, he inspires us to be active without stopping or getting tired.

Given the gift of nature conservation, the six seasons that come in the country come and go one after the other. And also sometimes in the cold night, sometimes in the heat of the summer season, sometimes in the spring season of new tender flowers, sometimes in the fall of leaves, they make us realize the variability of nature conservation and also teach us to remain the same in every situation.

Essay on Nature Conservation in 400 words


Nature has given us many gifts like air, water, land, sunlight, minerals, plants and animals. All these gifts of nature make our planet a place worth living. Without any of these the existence of human life on earth would not be possible. Now, while these natural resources are present in abundance on the earth, unfortunately the need for most of these has increased over the centuries due to increase in human population.

Many of these natural resources are being used up at a high rate while their production capacity is low. Thus there is a need to conserve nature and save the natural resources provided by nature. Here is a some detailed look at some of the steps in which these resources can be conserved:-

reducing water consumption

Water is available in abundance on the earth, so people do not consider it necessary to pay much attention to its decreasing quantity before using it. If we continue to use water at this fast pace, then definitely we may have to face serious consequences in the future. To save water, we can use some simple things like closing the tap while brushing, using water in the washing machine according to the amount of clothes and giving the remaining water to the plants.

reducing power usage

Electricity can be created only by saving electricity. That is why it is suggested to make limited use of electricity. Just taking care such as turning off the lights before leaving your room, turning off electrical appliances after use and using fluorescent or LED bulbs as much as possible can go a long way in saving electricity.

using limited paper

Paper is made from trees. Using more paper means encouraging deforestation which is a matter of concern in today’s time. And than we need to ensure that we use only as much paper as is required. One has to stop taking print out and use e-copy.

use new farming methods

The government should teach farmers about mixed cropping, crop rotation and proper use of pesticides, fertilizers, organic fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

spread awareness

It is very important to spread awareness about the conservation of nature and adopt the right way of method to be used for it. This goal can only be achieved if more and more people understand its importance and help in whatever way they can.

Apart from this, it is also very important to plant more and more trees. People can contribute towards reducing air pollution by using shared transport for travel and employing rain water harvesting system to conserve nature.

Essay on Nature Conservation in 800 words


World Nature Conservation Day is always made on 28 July. Our nature is incomplete without water, forest and land. But in today’s time, many animals and plants are becoming extinct. The main objective of World Nature Conservation Day celebrated on 28th July is to save the endangered animals and plants.

Basically, Our nature is incomplete without water, forest and land. The best countries in the world are those where all these three things are found in abundance. Our country India is very famous for wildlife forests. And many strange species of wildlife are found in our country. The rapidly increasing population is having a very bad effect on the flora and fauna. And due to which it is becoming extinct.

nature conservation methods

Nature Conservation Environment The word environment is made up of pari-cover, which means around and cover means surroundings, nature protection. All living beings including flora, fauna and human race and the physical complex associated with them are called environmental protection i.e. nature conservation. In fact, conservation of nature, water, air, land, trees-plants, human beings, animals and their activities is the protection of inclusion only.

importance of nature conservation

Nature conservation is concerned with the life of animals and all the natural environment of the earth. Due to pollution, the whole earth is becoming highly contaminated, due to which our nature is being affected very badly, due to which the end of human civilization is coming very near.

Keeping this situation in mind, Brazil organized the Earth Conference of 174 countries in 1992, in which many measures were suggested keeping in mind the conservation of nature. Life on earth is possible only with the protection of nature.

Nature Conservation Measures

If we have to save the nature conservation then we have to take many measures. For example, the environment has to be saved from being polluted, trees and plants have to be prevented from being cut, waste materials coming out of big factories have to be banned, so that our water remains pure. Because water is our life. and rivers, clinging to the chest of mountains, make their own path, which gives us the message of giving us the mobility to cross the continuous obstacles.

problem of nature conservation

Man is doing many new experiments by applying. And many inventions are being made, due to which man is trying to move forward in every field. And due to which nature conservation is having a very bad effect, due to which trees, plants, flora and fauna are moving towards the end of the earth. Which can become a very serious problem for us in the future.

Every form of nature is a messenger for us. Because we teach people to be charitable because trees never eat their own fruits. Rivers never collect water for themselves. Even after the flow of night and night after day, it gives us the message that we should never be disappointed in life. Because happiness definitely comes after sorrow, this nature is changeable.


Basically, To protect the nature conservation, we have to stop generating toxic gases like carbon, recycle . And the used water, collect rain water to increase the water level from the ground, use plastic. Stop using envelopes, use paper envelopes, use cloth envelopes, use less electricity, use canned things, stop the mountains from ending, by which our nature will be protected Keep running properly.


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