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Essay On Mother's day

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We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Mother’s day . This will be helpful for children to write an Essay on the Mother’s day from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to Mother’s day is also included in this article. Like How to write an essay about the Mother’s day, How to celebrated Mothers day and etc.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On Mother’s day For Lower 5th,6th,7th Classes and Upper Classes :

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Essay on Mother’s day, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an essay on Mother’s day:

  • Explain about Mother’s day .
  • How to celebrated Mothers day .
  • Love of mother.
  • Explain Mothers care.

Essay on Mother’s Day in 100 words :


A Mother is the 1st teacher of the every child and also the best friend. Because she takes care of all the needs of her child, which we need. To give respect and honor to every mother, one day in a year is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

A mother manages her child’s life in many ways. Sometimes as a teacher, sometimes as a friend, she bears all the responsibilities. The child’s happiness includes his happiness and the child’s sadness includes his sadness. For this, it is also the responsibility of the children to respect their mother and take care of her.

That’s why Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May so that we can make our mother feel special. On this day children give gifts to their mothers. Show your love for your mother by preparing good dishes. A mother’s whole world revolves around her child.

Short Essay on Mother’s day in 250 words :


A mother is the best friend of everyone because she takes care of everything that we need. Therefore, one day of the year has been dedicated to thank and honor them, which we all celebrate as Mother’s Day every year. We cannot live without the love and care of our mother.

She takes care of us a lot, she becomes very happy when we laugh and she becomes very sad when we cry. Mother is the only one women in this world who never leaves us alone. A mother is completely loyal to her children.

Mother’s Day :

Mother’s Day is celebrated in India every year on the second Sunday of May. Everyone is together at home to celebrate this day and enjoy delicious dishes at home or outside. All the family members give gifts to the mother and give many congratulations. Mother is always present everywhere for us. From the time of our birth till her last moment, she takes care of us like a small child. We cannot count their contributions in our lives. We cannot even count His activities from morning to night.

A mother has a lot of responsibilities, she fulfills them continuously without stopping and getting tired. He is the only person whose work is without any fixed time and function and is unlimited. We cannot return anything to them in return for their contribution however we can say a big thank you to them as well as give them respect and care. We should give love and respect to our mother and obey her every word.

Essay On Mother's day

Essay on Mothers day in 300 words For Students :


Mother’s Day is a very special day of the year for both the child and the mother. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May for the last many years. It is celebrated by the teachers and students in the school by inviting the mothers. Students participate in many cultural programs to make their mother happy. Mothers are specially invited by their children on the orders of school teachers and headmasters. On this day mother gets lots of love and gifts from her children. Children prepare a special poem, lecture or dialogue in Hindi or English for their mother.

How to celebrated Mother’s day :

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different different days in different countries to specifically show the contribution of mother in our daily life. Mother plays a very essential role in the life of her children at all stages from giving birth to making a child a good human being. It is only the mother who shapes the character and the whole life of her child. and then Every mother plays an important role in the growth and development of her child. She takes care of everything that her child needs. From the time she wakes up in the morning till she goes to bed at night, she considers herself completely responsible for her child.

Our mother wakes us up early in the morning, helps us to brush and bathe, prepare breakfast and lunch for school, get dressed, go to our PTM, help with homework, eat on time, give milk and fruits, get sick But giving medicines at the right time and cooking lots of delicious dishes, washing and ironing clothes, playing football with us at home or in the field, making us sleep at the right time at night, cooking good dinner and many other activities make our life successful. Makes Actually we cannot count the daily work of our mother. She is solely responsible for all the actions of all the members of the family. That’s why we can easily say that mother is great.



Essay on Mother’s day in 400 words in English :


After the birth of any child in the world, when the first eye opens, then its mother is in front of it. Many relationships break and get formed in life, many people run away leaving them in trouble. But there is only a mother who stands as a shield in front of her child in every trouble.

She may starve but she can never starve her children. A mother’s love for her child is so deep that she is ready to face even the biggest enemy to protect her child. No matter how bad the child does, blessings always emerge from the mouth of the mother for her child.

Everyone celebrate Mother’s Day in every year on the 2nd Sunday of May to honor all the mothers around the world for their invaluable love and motherhood. Although its history is very old. Some say that the festival originated in Greece. And They celebrated this festival in honor of their Greek deity Cybele.

Some believe it was started by American activist Anna Jarvis to honor her mother. It is also said that he did not even marry to serve his mother. Whatever the reason, today it is celebrated all over the world. On this day people do something special in honor of the mother. This day is above every day. Because this day is dedicated to mother and nothing in the world is bigger than mother.

Nature of Mother’s :

Mother’s love is more than everything in the world. A mother dedicates her whole life to her children, so should only one day of the year be special for the mother? Just as a mother’s whole life is dedicated to her child, so for a child his whole life should be dedicated to his mother.

Mother’s love is seen not only in humans but also in every living being. For every mother, her child is dear, no matter what her child is like. A croup child may be ugly to others but to his mother he is the most beautiful child in the world.

This is the reason why the position of mother is the highest. If she wants, she can also make her innocent child intelligent, in the way Edison’s mother, who discovered the bulb, made a foolish child a great scientist of the world. Mother can do anything if she wants, there is a lot of power in her affection.

Long Essay on Mother’s day in 500 words :


Our mother is like a protective shield for us as she protects us from all troubles. She never pays attention to her problems and just listens to us all the time. Every year the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day to pay respect to the mother. This program is very important for not only us but also for our mothers. On this day we should keep our mother happy and not make her sad. Also We should obey his every command and do the work properly. She always wants to make us a good person in life.

Every year on Mother’s Day a big program is organized in our school to celebrate it together. Our teachers help us a lot for the complete preparation of this day. Then to celebrate this festival in joyful manner, we prepare a lot of poems, rhymes, essays, speeches, dialogues etc. With the blessings of God we have got a loving and caring mother. Without mother our life is nothing. We are more lucky that we have a mother. And We all give lots of gifts to our mother and she loves and takes care of us a lot. To be the decoration of the festival, our teachers give us invitation cards for our mother to come to school.

Celebration of Mother’s day :

For our happiness, mother participates in many activities in the class like dancing, singing, poetry recitation, speech etc. We also participate in this festival (like poetry recitation, essay writing, speech, singing, dancing etc.) in front of our mother and teacher and show our talent. Our mother brings lots of delicious food with her to school. At the end of the celebration, enjoy those delicious dishes with your mother and teacher. We get to eat many dishes through our mother.

Sometimes she scolds us and sometimes she shows love. But a child should always treat his mother with love and respect, never let her feel sad. Even though the mother has many responsibilities, she is always available for her child. Meets his every little needs. And She takes care of her child tirelessly.

We cannot repay their contribution in any way but we can definitely give them some happiness with our small efforts. It is the task of every child to respect their mother, for this there is no need to do it on mother’s day or any other day in the year.

Our mother is very special. She always smiles for us even though she is tired. She tells us lots of poems and stories while sleeping at night. Mother helps us a lot during our homework, projects and exams. She takes care of our school dress. And also she teaches us that hands should be washed thoroughly with soap before eating food. She teaches us good courage, manners, morality, humanity and always helping others. She takes care of our father, grandparents and younger sister. But We all love him very much and take him out for walks every week.

Essay On Mother's day


Essay on Mother’s day in 1000 words :

Introduction :

As we all know that there is a special place in the heart of the children for the mother because she is capable of this. One takes care of her child all the time. For him, the child may be small or old, but for the mother, he is always a child and she always cares for him.

The mother carries the child in her womb for nine months. After 9 months she gives birth to a child with unbearable pain and brings it into this world. In these nine months, an invisible deep connection is make between the mother and the child. This relationship is realized after the birth of the child and continues for life when the child is born. His first relationship is with his mother.

The relationship between mother and child is so deep and full of love that if the child cries even a little, if he gets sick, the mother becomes restless. On the other hand, in times of trouble, the child also remembers the mother. The caress of the mother, her loving cooing acts as a medicine for the baby. That’s why this relationship of Mamta and Prem is considered the best. No relation in the world can be so touching.

Mother’s Day :

Mother’s Day is celebrated in every year on the 2nd Sunday of May. In this  day dedicated to all the mothers of the world. A mother is a child’s best friend and she is his first teacher. She takes care of our every need. Without him our life is incomplete. Life cannot be imagined without it.

We cannot live without mother’s love and care. A mother’s world is limited to her children and husband. Mother bears all kinds of sorrows and pains for her children. When the child is happy, the mother also becomes happy. When the child is sad, the mother becomes even more sad.

Mothers care :

Only mother never leaves us alone in this world. His world is incomplete without us. A mother is completely loyal to her child’s money. Mother’s love cannot be compared to any relationship. Mother is like a protective shield for us. She always tries to keep us happy. She always forgets her sorrows and troubles.

Always engaged in our care. When the child is small. Mother picks him up early when he goes to school. She bathes, gets her teeth cleaned, gets dressed. Prepares for school. She takes him to school. comes to pick her up from school. She feeds us and gets our household chores done. Washes our clothes.

Cooks delicious food for us. His whole routine goes on like this. Thus we cannot count the works of the mother. She works for us tirelessly, morning and evening, day and night. Everyone gets a week off, but no day is a day off for a mother.

Love of mother :

Celebrating Mother’s Day started in Greece. Here the practice of worshiping the mother of the gods started. After this it is celebrated like a festival and the mother dedicates her whole life to the children. Mother’s love has no value, we cannot measure her love. We celebrate Mother’s Day to show our respect.

A mother’s love for a child is immense. Mother’s love can never be weighed by anyone. Mother’s love is unique. For a child, his first teacher is also his mother. Because the child gets to learn everything from the mother in the beginning.

After that the child grows up and reaches school and his new teachers are made. But till the time he does not go to school, the first teacher of the child is his mother.

Conclusion :

Everyday is Mother’s Day for the child. But such Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.

Last words :

Today’s article of ours in which we have presented Essay on Mother’s Day in front of you. I sincerely hope that you will like this information given by us. If you have any question or suggestion related to this, then definitely tell in the comment box.


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