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Essay On Lohri
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Essay On Lohri in 300 Words

( Short Essay On Lohri )

This festival of Lohri is celebrated in the state of Punjab in North India, a day before Makar Sankranti. This festival is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti. Apart from this, this festival is also celebrated in different states of India.

Hindus in Tamil Nadu celebrate Pongal festival on the day of Makar Sankranti. All over India, every state is celebrated as a festival with different names in any way.

The festival of Lohri is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm in Punjab, Haryana and neighboring states on the eve of Makar Sakranti. This festival has more importance for Punjabis. A few days before Lohri, small children start collecting wood, rewari, groundnuts by singing Lohri songs because the fire is lit on the evening of Lohri.

While circling around that fire, they dance, sing and sacrifice Revdi, groundnut, gajjak, maize grains in the fire and people bake their hands around the fire. They also enjoy eating Revdi’s Gajak, Maize etc. and in the house where there is a new marriage or a child is born, it is celebrated as a very special big festival.

Essay On Lohri in English in 800 Words

( Long Essay On Lohri )

Introduction :

All over India, Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm by everyone. Although Lohri is a festival of Sikhs, but Hindus also celebrate this festival with great faith. Lohri is celebrated with great pomp in Punjab. Along with Punjab, it is nowadays celebrated with pomp in the whole country.

On the day of Makar Sakranti, people celebrate different festivals. For example, Tamil Hindus in South India celebrate the festival of Pongal on the day of Sankranti. Similarly, Lohri is celebrated in North India, especially in Punjab, Haryana and all the surrounding states.

How is Lohri celebrated?

The festival of Lohri holds a special significance especially for the Punjabis. In Lohri, small children start preparing for Lohri a few days in advance. For Lohri, people start collecting wood, dry fruits, rewdi, peanuts etc. and on the evening of Lohri, everyone gathers together and a fire is lit.

On this occasion people also sing auspicious songs and congratulate each other. People go round the fire, dance, sing and offer oblations like rewdi, peanuts, kheel maize grains etc. to the fire.

They sit around the fire and eat sesame seeds, gajak, maize. The festival of Lohri is made more enthusiastic in those houses, where someone has got newly married or a child has been born. That first Holi of his is celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

In that, the newly wed bride and groom roam around today and pray for happiness for their future life and also take blessings by touching the feet of the elders of the neighborhood around their house.

Earlier it was called Tirodi :

Earlier people used to call Lohri as Tirodi. The word Tirodi means ’til’ and ‘roti’, which is made of jaggery. It is made up of these two words. Now its name has been changed to Lohri and now all over India this festival is known as Lohri.

It is also believed that the word Lohri is derived from “Loi”, who was the wife of the great saint Kabir. While some believe that the word originated from “loh”, a tool used to make chapatis.

History of lohri :

The festival of Lohri is linked to the story of Dulla Bhatti. All the songs of Lohri are sung from Dulla Bhatti only and it is also said that Dulla Bhatti was made the focal point of Lohri songs. Dulla Bhatti lived in Punjab during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

It was a robber. He was awarded the title of Nayak of Punjab. At that time, instead of sandal bars, girls were forcefully sent to the rich people for slavery. For this, Dulla Bhatti not only freed the girls under a plan but also got them married with Hindu boys.

Dulla Bhatti was a rebel. His lineage was Bunty Rajput. His forefathers were the rulers of Pindi Bhattiyan, which was in Sandal Bar. Now this time Sandal Bar has gone to Pakistan. He was the hero of all Punjabis. Due to these historical reasons, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Punjab. Dulla Bhatti’s name is still used in folk songs.

You are beautiful Mundariye…… Tera kaun bechara ho…. Dulla Bhatti wala, ………. Ho dulle ghee vyahi, …………. Sher sugar came, ………….. ho kudi de bajhe pie, ………….. ho kudi da lal patara ho……….


Lohri festival in modern times :

In earlier times, people used to celebrate Lohri by gifting Gajak to each other, but as time has changed, people prefer to gift chocolates and cakes instead of Gajab. Now people also do not like to cut trees.

People avoid cutting more trees and plants to light the fire on Lohri, because instead they celebrate Lohri by planting more and more trees so that Lohri also contributes to environmental protection in the long run.

Conclusion :

The festival of Lohri is celebrated with great pomp in Punjab. Apart from this, this family is celebrated all over the country. But everywhere it is celebrated with different names. Lohri is celebrated a day before Makar Sakranti and is a very important festival for the Punjabi people.

Essay On Lohri For Students
Essay On Lohri For Students

10 Lines On Lohri Essay :

  1. Lohri is a popular harvest festival celebrated in the northern states of India.
  2. It falls on the 13th of January every year and marks the end of the winter solstice.
  3. The festival is primarily celebrated by Punjabis and is also known as Maghi.
  4. It is a time for families and friends to come together, light bonfires, and offer prayers.
  5. People also sing and dance around the bonfire and exchange sweets and gifts.
  6. Lohri is associated with the worship of fire and the Sun God, which signifies the transition from winter to spring.
  7. The festival has special significance for farmers as it marks the end of the harvesting season.
  8. Traditional dishes like sarson ka saag and makki di roti are prepared on this day.
  9. The festival is also an occasion for newlyweds and newborns to receive blessings from their families and friends.
  10. Lohri is a joyous and vibrant festival that celebrates the spirit of community, togetherness, and prosperity.

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