Essay On Joint Family in English – 200, 500, 1000 Words

Essay On Joint Family
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Essay On Joint Family : In this article there are 3 different types of Essay On Joint Family are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and 1000 words in the below paragraphs.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On Joint Family:

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Essay On Joint Family , they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

  • Introduction.
  • Advantage of joint family.
  • Disadvantages Of Joint Family.
  • Conclusion.

Essay On Joint Family In 300 Words

In India people have been living in joint family since ancient times. Joint family means a family in which more than one generation of people live together, for example, in addition to parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and their children all live in a joint family.

Joint family may have members of 8 to 10 people while nuclear family only consists of parents and children.
The joint family system not only reduces the burden of housework, it teaches us to live together in times of financial difficulties, accidents or calamities.

In times of difficulties, the family provides strong emotional support as it is always there to listen patiently to the problems of all the members. It doesn’t matter if these problems are significant or not, the important part is that all problems are heard.

Over time, the trend of joint family is slowly dying out because in today’s time, most of the women are also employed and every member of the family lives in different cities in search of work, due to which joint family is formed together. It is not possible to live as

However, such people visit their ancestral home during holidays or festivals, where all the families get together.
The joint family system binds the family members in love and affection and teaches them to be tolerant of other people’s faults by inculcating an attitude of sharing and caring with others.

Essay on Joint Family In 500 Words

Short Essay On Joint Family : Due to living in a joint family, our children get good education and good upbringing by the elders of the house, due to which they become an ideal citizen in their life. Apart from this, due to the pleasant atmosphere in the family, the mind of all the people is also worry-free.

Due to having too many people in the family, the people of the house do not need to go out to entertain themselves, because the nature of each person in the family is different. That’s why people’s time pass by talking to each other.

Women living in a single family start feeling bored due to staying at home for a long time, while living in a joint family also has one advantage that when a person faces any problem, his family members come to his support. They go and together they try to solve his problem.

Usually in a joint family, the responsibility of running the family is on someone in the house who discharges all kinds of responsibilities well and his guidelines are considered in the whole house.

In our house also what our grandfather says is what happens because grandfather is now old and he has got good experience of life. That’s why every member of our house accepts his words.

Many people do not get along with their family and in the house where this happens very soon a rift starts to arise in that house and in this way the opponents of that family start taking advantage of it.

That’s why we should never oppose our family. If there is any problem between the family members, then efforts should be made to solve it by mutual discussion because discussion solves big problems.

Essay On Joint Family
Essay On Joint Family For Students

Essay On Joint Family In English – 1000 Words

Introduction :

Long Essay On Joint Family : Joint family system is prevalent in India since ancient times. A joint family is a large family living together under one roof. In such families, the eldest male member is known as the head of the family and his wife, their sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, all live together. These are large families that live together and in most cases have the same profession or common occupation.

Advantage of joint family :

The biggest advantage of joint family is that a protective feeling develops while living in joint family. There is no any fear of any kind of danger. Living in a joint family, we get the support of every member of our family in any problem, they increase our courage.

Just as in a nuclear family, the entire responsibility of the family is on one person, but in a joint family, the responsibility is divided, no one person has the burden of the house. In this way, while living in a joint family, each member of the family gives his share in the expenses of the house.

In a joint family, a disciplined environment develops for the children because in the joint family, the eldest person in the house is our elders i.e. our grandfather, who guides the children of the house with his experience and knowledge. Every member is able to take good care of the children. In this way, while living in a joint family, children can be brought up well.

While living in a joint family, children as well as elders never feel bored because with a joint family, they can laugh and joke and live life with entertainment. All of festivals are celebrated with great pomp in the joint family. Anyway, there is no fun in any festival without family.

While living in a joint family, there is a different zeal and enthusiasm in every festival. Living in a joint family, we get a solution to each and every problem. Living in a joint family, we do not feel lonely.

Disadvantages Of Joint Family :

There are many advantages of living in a joint family, but sometimes there are disadvantages because every member of the family is bound by a thread of very delicate relationship and if there is any tension in the thread then there can be a dispute in the relationship and this Especially it mostly happens between the two daughters-in-law of the family. In such a situation, the whole atmosphere of the family can get spoiled, due to which a lot of thinking has to be done.

To maintain a joint family, every member of the family has to give priority to each other’s happiness. Even the younger member of the family has to suppress his desires at times and act according to the wishes of his elders.

In a joint family, if every member does not have the same views, then he/she gets influenced very quickly by other people, which leads to division in the family.

Income is also a problem in a joint family. If the income of one member is more than the other member, then the other member has to feel ashamed. Even the low income members sometimes have to listen to the taunts of the high income members.

Apart from this, it becomes very difficult to save income in a joint family because the joint family is large, in such a situation, all the earning goes towards the expenses of the family. In joint family, there are lot of quarrels among women over work which creates disturbance in the family.

Conclusion :

In the circumstances of life, family is our biggest courage, which increases our courage in troubles, supports us in troubles. In this way, living in a joint family is very beneficial, but it is said that just like a drop of lemon can sour the whole milk, similarly, if the thinking of any member of the family turns out to be bad, then it can break the relationship of the joint family.

That’s why everyone should have the same views to maintain the relationship in a joint family. The member should have a sense of respect for each other, there should be respect for the elders and friendly behavior towards the younger ones, all the members should show equal participation in the house and there should be no inferiority complex over any member. Only then can one live happily in a joint family.

10 Line Essay On Joint Family

  1. Joint family is a traditional family structure where multiple generations live together under one roof.
  2. It typically consists of grandparents, parents, children, and sometimes even extended family members.
  3. Joint families promote strong family bonds and a sense of unity among family members.
  4. They provide emotional support and a sense of security to each member.
  5. Sharing of responsibilities and resources is a key aspect of joint families, leading to better management of household chores and finances.
  6. Joint families offer a wider support system, allowing for the sharing of joys, sorrows, and life experiences.
  7. Elders in joint families play a vital role in imparting wisdom, values, and traditions to the younger generation.
  8. Joint families provide a nurturing environment for children, with multiple role models and caregivers.
  9. Decision-making in joint families often involves collective input and discussions, fostering a sense of democratic participation.
  10. Joint families can strengthen social connections and create a sense of belonging within the community.

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