Essay on Elephant For Students In English – 200, 500, 1000 Words

Essay on Elephant
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 5 different types of Essay on Elephant  are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and up to 1000 words in the below paragraphs.

We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Essay on Elephant. This will be helpful for children to write an good Essay on Elephant from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to Elephant is also included in this article.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay on Elephant :

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent piece on Essay on Elephant, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible :

  • Elephant food and drink.
  • Elephant an intelligent animal.
  • Elephant anatomy.
  • Conclusion.

Essay on Elephant in 200 Words

Elephant is counted among the most powerful, powerful and intelligent creatures in the world. And Elephant is considered as the form of Lord Ganesha and in many places elephant is also worshipped. Elephant is a favorite animal of children, which is seen in the circus. Elephant is an obedient animal. That’s why he has been given good training and added to many tasks.

Elephant’s body is big. According to the body they have two eyes and one tail is small. He has two ears, which are very big. His ears keep moving all day long. They have a big long trunk, with the help of which they take water and food. There are two big white colored teeth on the sides of the trunk, which are very valuable. It is also called ivory. The four legs of an elephant are cushioned and like big pillars.

Elephant is a vegetarian animal. Their food is trees and plants, fruits and vegetables and dry leaves, bananas and sugarcane. There are only two species of elephant in the world. Elephants always seen in the herd are very emotional.

Elephant is such an animal which is useful even after living and also after death. Due to the cutting of forests, today the number of elephants has reduced considerably. To save this creature of nature, we have to make maximum efforts.

Essay on Elephant in English – 300 Words

The elephant is one of the largest animals on earth. It is also considered the most powerful animal on earth. Usually, it is a wild animal though it can live as a pet in aviaries or at home with humans after proper training. Elephant has always been a very useful animal for humanity. Its color is usually gray (grey). And its four legs look like huge pillars and the two big ears also look like wings. Its eyes are very small in comparison to the body. And It has a long trunk and a short tail. It can lift the smallest needle-like object and the heaviest trees or weights through its trunk. It has long white teeth on each side of the trunk.

Elephant food and drink :

Elephants live in forests and also usually eat small twigs, leaves, straw, and wild fruits, although domesticated elephants also eat bread, bananas, sugarcane, etc. It is a vegetarian wild animal. Nowadays they also perform tasks like lifting heavy goods by people, lifting weights in circus, etc. In ancient times, these were used by kings and emperors in wars and battles. Elephant is a very long lived animal, its age is more than 100 years. In fact, it is very useful even after death, because after its death its teeth are used to make many types of medicines and decorative items.

Conclusion :

Even today many elephants are being trained as a pet animal. But catching an elephant is a very difficult task. Although the elephant is a peaceful creature, but when it is disturbed or attacked, it becomes very dangerous.

Essay on Elephant in 400 Words – Short Essay on Elephant

Introduction :

Elephant is one of the largest creatures present on the earth. General: It lives in the wild, although it can also be domesticated after proper training. Its height is more than eight feet. Its large and massive body is supported by legs like strong pillars. It takes the help of its long proboscis to eat leaves of trees, plants, fruits or leaves from trees.

Types of elephants :

Generally, there are two types of elephants found on the earth; African (its scientific name is Loxodanta africana) and Asian (its scientific name is Alphas maximus). Its large hanging ears look like fans and legs like pillars. It has a long trunk attached to its mouth, with two long white teeth on either side. Elephant’s trunk is very flexible and strong and is also known as a multi-purpose organ. It is used by the elephant for eating, breathing, bathing, expressing emotions, fighting etc.

African elephants are slightly larger than Asian elephants in size and dark gray in colour. It has two ears, which appear like a fan in shape. Elephants are commonly found in India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, and also in Thailand. They usually live in herds and are very fond of water. He knows how to swim very well. Being a herbivorous animal, they depend on the plants in the forests to meet their food requirement. Due to lack of food in the forests due to deforestation, they move to villages or residential areas. Elephant is known as an intelligent animal and along with this it also provides a lot of benefits to humans.

Conclusion :

Elephants live in the forest by making their own border area and also they like to live in herds. Large nets are generally used to catch elephants. At present, they are also used to show spectacles in the circus. Many astonishing feats are shown with their help. But along with this many atrocities are also done on them in such places.

Essay on Elephant in 500 Words

Introduction :

Elephant is one of the most powerful and giant animals found on earth. It is famous for its large body, intelligence and also obedient nature. And it lives in the wild, however, after training it can be used by people for many purposes.

It has four large legs like a pillar, two ears like a fan, two small eyes, a short tail, a long trunk and also two long white teeth called tusks. Elephant eats leaves, stem of banana tree, soft plants, nut, fruits etc. in forests. It can live for a hundred and 120 years. It is found in dense forests of Assam, Mysore, Tripura etc. in India. Generally, elephants are dark gray in colour, however, white elephants are also found in Thailand as well.

The skin of an elephant is one inch thick, although it is also very sensitive. They can hear each other’s voices from a distance of as much as 5 miles. Male elephants tend to live alone as adults, although female elephants tend to live in groups, with the leader of the group called the matriarch. Despite having intelligence, good hearing and also superior sense of smell, the elephant’s vision is very weak, due to which it has to face many problems.

Elephant an intelligent animal :

Elephant is intelligent animal and has good learning ability. It can be easily trained for circus as per requirement. It can move heavy loads of wood very easily from one place to another. Elephant is one of the most favorite animals of children in circus and other places. A trained elephant can do many things like performing stunts, stunts etc. in a circus. Although sometimes elephant is also angry, which can be very dangerous for humans, because it can destroy things in anger as well as kill people. It is a very beneficial creature, because after its death, using its teeth, skin, bones etc. expensive artistic items and medicines can be made.

useful in war and hunting :

Lion is also hunted by elephant. The hunter controls the elephant by sitting on top of the elephant, which is called a mahout. This way the hunter can keep his eye on the lion and hunt it.

Conclusion :

In the time of preaching, the kings and emperors of India used to fight by sitting on elephants. Elephant used to be their main animal. They used to train elephants specially for war because their skin is very thick and they were also not easily affected by ordinary weapons, due to which they were invincible in war.

Essay on Elephant For Students
Essay on Elephant For Students

Essay on Elephant for Students in 600 Words

Introduction :

Elephant is counted among the largest and most powerful animals in the world. Not only in strength but also in intelligence, he is far ahead of other creatures. Although the elephant is a wild animal, but due to its obedient quality, by giving good training, it has been added to many works like circus. The elephant is considered a royal animal because in ancient times many gods and kings also used elephants to ride.

Elephant anatomy :

An elephant is a heavy animal of great stature. The color of elephant is light grey. The height of an elephant is about 10-13 feet. Their weight ranges from about 5000 kg to 6000 kg. Elephant’s eyes are very small. Despite their poor eyesight, they are able to see more in dim light.

It has a long trunk, with the help of which it receives water and food. The elephant can fill about 8 to 9 liters of water in its long trunk and can lift up to 350 kg. There are a total of 24 teeth in their mouth. There are two long white teeth on both sides of the long trunk, which are known as elephant teeth.

It has two big ears and the tail is short in comparison to the body. Elephant’s feet are cushioned, with the help of which it can stand for a long time. Elephant’s skin is very sensitive. That’s why he feels pain even when bitten by a small creature like an insect.

Elephant lifestyle :

The nature of the elephant is very calm, but when the elephant is disturbed, it becomes angry and also very dangerous. Elephant sleeps only for 3 to 4 hours a day. They walk about 10 to 20 kms throughout the day. Elephant is the only animal in the whole world which takes bath everyday. Elephants are always seen in herds. He is very emotional about his partner. Elephant’s heart beats only 27 times in 1 minute. Being heavy, he is unable to jump but can easily swim in water.

elephant food :

It is a vegetarian animal. Their food is green plants, fruits and vegetables and dry leaves of the forest. Pet elephant also eats bread and bananas. In a day, elephant eats about 100 to 150 kg of food. But only 35% of them can be digested. Apart from this, elephant needs up to 160 liters of water a day. The favorite food of elephant is sugarcane. He only eats food for 16 hours a day.

species of elephant :

Elephants are found only in two places in the world. At present only two species of elephant are alive in the world. Asian elephant and an African elephant. African elephants are much larger and heavier than Asian elephants. The Asian elephant lives for about 80 years in comparison to its lifespan. Elephants are also of white color, which are found in Thailand.

Conclusion :

Elephant is a social and loyal animal. Elephant is the most beloved of all creatures to small children. According to a report, humans kill 100 elephants daily for the sake of precious ivory, which is a matter of great sadness. Due to the contusily decrease in the number of forests, now the species of elephant is also on the verge of extinction. We should save the elephant population by planting more and more trees. It is our first duty to protect every living being connected to the environment.

10 Lines On Elephant Essay :

  1. Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth, and they are native to Africa and Asia.
  2. They have a distinctive appearance, with their long trunks, large ears, and gray wrinkled skin.
  3. Elephants are social animals and live in herds, which are led by the oldest and largest female, known as the matriarch.
  4. They are herbivores and consume vast amounts of vegetation daily.
  5. Elephants are intelligent creatures and have a remarkable memory.
  6. They have a keen sense of hearing and can communicate with each other using a variety of vocalizations and infrasonic calls.
  7. Elephants are vital to the ecosystem as they play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of their habitats.
  8. They are also important cultural and religious symbols in many countries, including India and Thailand.
  9. Elephants face many threats, including habitat loss, poaching for ivory, and human-elephant conflicts.
  10. Conservation efforts are necessary to protect and also conserve elephant populations for future generations.

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