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Essay on Camel
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  • Explain Essay on Camel .
  • Life of camel.
  • Types of camel.
  • Conclusion.

Essay on Camel in 800 Words :

Introduction :

Camel is a huge animal, whose color is light brown or dark brown which has come from abroad. It is most commonly found in the desert areas of India. Because it can run like water even in sand. That’s why camel is also called the ship of the desert. Camel has four long legs, two ears, two eyes, two hanging lips, a short tail and a big hump on the back. Camel’s neck is long.

Camel has four legs so that it can run at a speed of about 60 to 70 kilometers per hour in the desert. Camel feels less thirsty, due to which it can live without water for a month. For the storage of water, there is a special type of bag in its stomach which stores water and food inside it.

Camel has a specialty that it sweats less. Because there is more amount of water inside it and the thickness of its skin is also more. Camel’s knees are stiff. Due to which when the camel sits, it is protected from rubbing.

Camel herbivorous :

Camel is a herbivorous animal that takes thorny bushes, green leaves, grass, sugarcane and grains in its diet. It has 34 teeth in its mouth which grinds the food completely. Camel drinks about 35 liters of water in a day. Camel milk is very nutritious, so many people in the desert use its milk.

The camel’s feet are cushioned, due to which it can walk fast in the desert and despite having such a large body, it does not sink in the sand. There are hairs slightly above the camel’s eyes which work to protect the eyes from flying sand. There are nostrils in the nose of a camel. It closes when there is a strong storm, then the sand does not enter the nose. Camel can see very far in the desert easily.

The intellect of a camel is very sharp. Once he passes through the path, he never forgets that path again.

Camel milk :

Camel milk is rich in energy. Vitamins, minerals and copper are found in it. Camel milk is very good in taste. Many people also use it to drink. It tastes like cream and is white in colour. One specialty of camel milk is that its milk does not curdle.

A healthy camel gives about 6 to 8 liters of milk in a day. It is specially used in diabetes, making ice cream etc. At one time the camel gives birth to only one child or sometimes gives birth to two children. Her children cannot even stand on their feet for two days and at the time of birth their hump does not even come out.

The hair of the camel’s body is also cut from time to time and they are also bathed. It is believed that after cutting their hair and bathing with mud, their hair becomes even more beautiful and soft. Their hair is used in factories to make clothes, in which rope, bag, coat, wool etc. are special.

Camel used as transport :

Camel is used as a means of transport in the desert. And Camel is also used more in carrying goods from one place to another. Camel has been a special vehicle of kings and emperors even in the olden times. Along with this, on Republic Day, soldiers sit on camels and show different types of tricks and people also enjoy camel ride. Soldiers on the Pakistan border in Rajasthan keep the help of camels to keep an eye on the enemies.

Along with this, farmers also do farming with camels. Due to having more hair on the camel’s body, it neither feels cold nor too hot. The life span of a camel is up to 50 years and even after the camel dies, many types of materials are made from its body which are very expensive and important. Shoes are also made from its leather. Camel dung is also used as fuel and manure can also be made.

Camel is also a means of employment for many people in Rajasthan. The tourists coming from this also enjoy its ride and the owner of the camel also gets its income. Many types of Rajasthani artefacts are also made on the camel, which is very beautiful to see and pleases everyone’s heart.

Essay on Camel for Students
Essay on Camel for Students

10 Lines Essay on Camel in English :


  • Camel is called the ship of the desert.
  • Camels can live for a month without water.
  • The life span of a camel is up to 50 years.
  • Camel’s neck is long and tail is short.
  • Camels are also of one hump and there are also of two humps.
  • Camel has a pouch in its stomach which stores water and food.
  • Camel takes thorny bushes, addresses, grass, sugarcane and grains in its diet.
  • Camel sweats very little because its body contains a lot of water.
  • The weight of a camel ranges from 400 to 600 kg.

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