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Essay on Birds
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 7 different types of Essay On Birds are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and 1000 words in the below paragraphs. We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Essay On Birds.

This will be helpful for children to write an Essay On Birds from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to How to write an Essay On Birds is also included in this article.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On Birds :

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Essay On Birds, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an Essay On Birds:

  • Explain Essay On Birds.
  • Importance of Birds.
  • Life span of birds
  • king of the birds
  • Conclusion.

Essay on Birds in 250 Words

Birds are the flying creatures in the sky, different types of birds fly in the sky by spreading their wings. Birds have two legs, so that they can walk on the earth and two eyes, with the help of which they can see everything. There is a beak, with the help of which it swallows food. The sound of all kinds of birds is heard early in the morning as soon as the sun rises.

Some birds like greenery very much. If they see greenery anywhere, they start living there by making their shelter. All the birds in the world can fly. But some birds like ostrich, kiwi etc. cannot fly in the sky. But these birds move very fast on the ground and the eagle bird can fly very high in the sky.

All the birds in the world have different colors. There are some birds that can swim in water. There are some such birds as well, which people keep in cages in their homes and keep them. Birds are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Ostrich is such a bird, which cannot fly in the sky but can run on the ground. Peacock is such a bird that whenever it rains, it dances in the rain. And Peacock is the national bird.

As the environment changed, so did the houses of the birds. Birds make their nests on trees and the species of birds have gone extinct due to cutting of trees.

Short Essay on Birds in 400 Words

Introduction :

Different species of birds are found all over the world and all birds have different qualities. Although the quality of flying is the same in all birds, but some birds can fly very high or in the sky, but some birds can fly only a short distance.

Some birds fly very fast while some fly very slowly. Some birds are also such that they can fly upside down. These different types of birds have new qualities and some of their special qualities surprise many humans.

Parrot :

Parrot who can imitate anyone or is known only by the special quality of imitation. Garuda bird about which has been written in Vedas and Puranas as well. It is considered the king of birds. This bird can see its prey even from a very far height in the sky and pounces on it as soon as it is seen.

Peacock :

Peacock is very beautiful bird or known all over the country for its feathers. And Peacock is also the national bird of India. Peacock feather is the symbol of Lord Shri Krishna. Peacock feathers are used for many types of decorative things.

Birds are the beauty of the environment. Nature resounds with the chirping of birds. Because of the birds, it seems as if nature is speaking. The real home of birds is the open sky. In the open sky, birds spread both their wings and travel in the sky. But it is sad that today’s human has become very cruel towards all living beings.

Different types :

Different types of pollution and technology generated by humans are harming the birds. Earlier, birds could fly freely spreading their wings in the open sky, as if the whole sky was theirs, no one else could come there. They can fly wherever they want. But little did they know that humans would not leave the open sky either. Due to humans there are obstacles in the flight of birds. Even every day many birds lose their lives due to human activities.

Man has always used birds for his selfishness. Birds have always helped humans in many activities, have also entertained them. A parrot that can imitate any human voice, for this people keep them at their home and also take entertainment from them.

By rearing poultry, as if he does business with hen’s eggs and its meat. Today, millions of people around the world are doing business by rearing poultry and running their livelihood. Pigeon is considered a symbol of peace. Pigeons were used as messengers since ancient times.

People all over the world are earning a lot of money by selling peacock whose beautiful feathers everyone is crazy about. In this way these birds are helping humans financially, they are being used for entertainment. But in spite of that man does not desist from his mistakes.

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Essay on Birds For Students in 700 Words 

Introduction :

In Essay On Birds, first of all talk about the structure of the bird. Every bird in the world has two legs. The bird walks on the ground on these two legs. Every bird has feathers. It flies with the help of these wings. The bird has a beak with the help of which it swallows the food. The bird has two eyes. The body structure of birds is very light due to which it is easy for them to fly. Almost every bird in the world flies but some birds like penguin, kiwi, ostrich cannot fly. But these birds are expert in running fast on the ground. Some birds fly high in the sky like eagles. But some birds do not fly very high like peacock.

All types of birds lay eggs. Bat gives children because it is a mammal. But it flies like a bird. Birds are found all over the world. Whether it is a desert or a snowy region, their presence is everywhere.

Colorful birds beautify the atmosphere. Some birds are black and some are white. Birds are green, blue, yellow, red, white, black in colour. The color of the cuckoo is black, the color of the parrot is green, and the color of the swan is white. Some birds have a combination of colors i.e. they are colorful.

Birds’ habitat and food Essay On Birds –

Some birds are also kept as pets. Birds like parrot, pigeon, myna come in these. These birds are reared in cages as a hobby. There is also a bird like crow in the world whose voice is very hoarse. Cuckoo bird of sweet voice is also found.

There are different types of food for birds. Some birds are completely vegetarian, while some are non-vegetarian. Birds like eagles, vultures are carnivores which eat the flesh of dead animals. Most of the birds feed on the grain. Fruits, seeds, grains, insects, insects are the main food of birds. Birds like chicken are also eaten by humans. Their eggs are also eaten with great fervor.

The nest of birds is also unique. Every living being in the world makes a house for residence. Birds also make nests for their residence. And Birds lay eggs in these nests and spend the night. Birds’ nests are mostly on trees. Sparrow, crow, bulbul etc come in these birds. Some birds also make nests on the ground like tithri, pheasant etc. Eagles make their nests on the mountains.

By the way, some birds do not bother to make nests and live in nests made by others. Bird nests are made from leaves and straws of trees. Some birds’ nests are examples of fine workmanship, such as the Baya bird’s nest. Woodpecker birds do not make nests with grass and straw. They live by making a cell made in the trunk of the tree. Our beloved parrot also lives in the shell of the stem. Pigeon’s habitat is on ruins or buildings.

Importance of Birds –

Birds like heron, swan, duck swim on the water and eat fish. Stork bird is a migratory bird which migrates according to the season. Birds also fly in the sky, run on the ground and also swim on the water. Birds are also the identity of a nations. The national bird of India country is the peacock. The national bird of New Zealand country is the Kiwi. Some birds are in a particular country. Like Kiwi bird is found only in New Zealand.

Man has divided the boundaries but there is no boundary for the birds. Birds can go to any country in the world without permission. This whole world is his. Man is cutting trees in his greed. Trees are the abode of birds. It is our main responsibility to protect the habitat of birds. Many birds are rare which are becoming extinct.

Essay on Birds For Students
Essay on Birds For Students

Essay on Birds in 800 Words – Long Essay on Birds

Introduction :

There are many such creatures and species on this whole earth which increases our environment and natural beauty even more. Many trees, plants, rivers, mountains, birds and animals come inside our natural environment. All these together work to make our whole earth beautiful. If even one thing is removed from all these things, then there can be a big change in our entire environment and environment, which will be harmful in the future. All of these are needed in great abundance to keep an environment stable. Everything has its own importance. Similarly, hundreds of birds living on our earth also play a very important role.

Bird form: –

Birds are found not only in India but all over the world. Every bird in the world has two legs so that they can walk easily on the ground and at the same time they have two big wings so that they can touch the heights of the sky. The bird has a mouth with which it can swallow its food and like every living thing it has two eyes through which it can see the world.

Almost all the birds in this earth land here, but there are some such birds which walk only on the ground and cannot land. Penguin, kiwi, ostrich etc. come in the calculation of these birds. But these birds are more adept at running on the ground and catch their prey from the ground itself. All types of birds lay eggs, but being a mammal, bats do not lay eggs. Birds are very colorful and many different colors are found on their body which makes them very beautiful in themselves.

Bird food: –

Usually the bird is seen in two types first carnivorous and second vegetarian. Birds also eat meat Those birds which eat meat are called carnivores. Apart from this, birds that consume grass, leaves, fruits etc. are considered as vegetarian birds. There is a many of difference between both the birds, the beaks of meat-eating birds are long and pointed, while the beaks of birds that eat vegetables are small. There are some birds that live their life by eating both these things.

Types of meat-eating birds include chile, crow, heron, duck, etc. Birds like parrot, myna, pigeon, peacock etc. come under the type of vegetarian birds. And many birds of this world come in the omnivorous birds which eat everything, some of which are cuckoo, cock, myna etc.

Bird’s House: –

We all know that birds mostly live in the nest, for which they work hard throughout the day and build the nest. Small woods also use grass and dry leaves to make the nest. Not only this, there are many such birds which live only on trees. There are some birds that make their nest in the house and stay in the same place forever. Birds have this habit that they do not stay at any place on time. This is the reason that they always have to prepare their nest .

Birds do not have a fixed abode, they fly high in the sky and rip the clouds and keep changing their abode from time to time. There are also many such birds which ensure their arrangement for their living and run their lives by living in it. The biggest reason for making nests of birds is that they need a certain place to keep the eggs permanently.

Life span of birds:-

A certain life span of everyone on this earth has already been determined. On the basis of the same life span, the whole life of birds goes on. The life of birds is of 3 to 5 years, in which if they live without falling prey to anyone, then again 3 to 5 years will be their full age. Many times it also happens that they die due to the attack of the hunter and being hunted.

Not only this, it also happens many times that birds die due to cold or too much heat. The life date and year of birds  are already determined, but many times it also happens that birds live more than their time, this is also due to the natural cycle. Not only this, many times the death of birds also happens due to falling prey to big birds. Apart from this, sometimes hunters also hunt them due to which they die.


Although there are many such animals in our environment that help in maintaining the balance of our environment, but birds have a very important role in it. These birds not only help in keeping our environment clean and pure but also help in many other ways. But in today’s time everyone has started hunting birds and this is the reason that birds are slowly becoming extinct. The smoke coming out of big buildings and factories full of pollution harm these birds . If this continues, then one day the existence of birds will be completely eradicated and there will be a big change in the environment, which can be very harmful for the coming times.

Essay on Birds in 1000 Words 

Introduction :

Birds are flying creatures. When the birds move freely in the sky, a very beautiful and attractive scene is produced. The earth resounds with their chirping in the morning and evening. The beauty of the forest regions increases with their abode. Everyone gets fascinated by their attractive colors.

diversity in birds :

Various types of birds are found. Some are black, some are red and some are green and they are of different colours. Various types of species are found. Like sparrow, crow, cuckoo, parrot etc. there are many species.

They all live in nests and move freely in the sky. Their voices are very sweet. in the morning and perhaps they get to hear their voices.

bird structure :

The structure of all birds is almost the same. But some differences are also found in them. But there is one similarity in all that the former can fly in the sky with the help of wings and the latter lay eggs.

Birds are very light. All birds have two legs. They have colorful feathers. The colors are colorful beaks. With the help of wings, they fly in the sky and with the help of their legs, they walk confidently.

relation to the nature of birds :

All birds are very much connected with nature. They live by making their nests in trees, forests and forests. Where there is a little greenery, they make their shelter there. They build their nests by mixing different types of straws and waste. Some birds are very expert in making nest like Baya. All birds protect their children and nests by themselves and feed themselves.

Some birds do not make a nest and make their nest in the hollow of the tree. Like splitting wood. Big birds like peacock make their home in the bushes only. The melodious voice of some birds attracts us a lot. Like cuckoo, parrot, mynah, their speech is very sweet. They have been mentioned in the literature. But the speech of some birds is considered hoarse like crow.

king of the birds :

Garuda is considered the king of birds. Its mention is found in various types of religious literature and mythology. And It is very powerful. It can see its prey from the sky even from a great height. It grabs its prey very quickly.

Birds are free, they like to move freely in the sky. They live by making their nests in trees, forests and forests. They are very close to nature. But at present, many people keep cages in their house after rearing them. Pigeons, peacock’s parrot etc. can be kept in Pal’s house.

Parrot is there in most of the people’s house. It can mimic the human voice. It is kept in cages from homes. Pigeon is considered a symbol of peace and in ancient times pigeons used to act as messengers. Many people rear chicken. It is very beneficial commercially.

national bird :

Peacock is our national bird. It is very beautiful. It has colorful feathers. And It dances very beautifully by spreading its wings. Very attractive things are made from its feathers. It is a very courageous bird. It defeats the snakes in the fight.

rare bird
Some birds live in inaccessible places. Like penguin it lives in cold places. Only he can survive. These types of birds are rarely seen.

Many birds live in the water like heron stork, they make their living by eating animals and fish living in the water.

conclusion :

Different types of birds are found in nature. There are no boundaries for birds. Many birds make flocks and move towards warm regions in winter and move towards cold regions in summer. Where do these migratory birds go? Migratory birds from Siberia arrive in India every year.

Essay on Birds in 1200 Words – Best Bird Essay

Introduction :

Nature has given us many precious gifts, which are colorful and whose presence also brings positivity in our mind. Sometimes we find all these unique colors of nature very beautiful, which touch our heart somewhere.

In such a situation, we all definitely like the different types of beautiful birds found in nature.

How are birds?

Birds are free flying creatures in our sky, who express their beauty by spreading their wings. Birds are always in many colors. In which mainly there are black, white, brown, green and red colors.

Each bird has a beak and a long tail. There are some birds, who fascinate all of us with their melodious voice and we always find their chirping very beautiful.

species of birds :

According to a study, till now the total species of birds have not been studied properly. Because all kinds of birds are spread all over the world.

In such a situation, it can be assumed that till now the total species of birds in the whole world are about two and a half lakh, out of which about 15,000 species of birds are found in India.

king of the birds :

By the way, there are many colorful birds present in our nature. Despite this, the king of birds is known as “Garuda”. We all must have heard the name of Garuda, whose mention is seen in literary religious texts.

Different birds found in nature have different habitats. Where there are some birds that are kept captive inside cages and reared. So there are some such birds, who have the habit of flying in the free sky.

In such a situation, the residence of free birds are nests made of trees, nests made on top of roofs. Where they live while roaming comfortably. Apart from this, birds do the work of keeping their eggs in their residence, so that they can be kept safe.

In such a situation, the birds whose habitat is inside the houses are mainly birds like parrot, myna, cuckoo, sparrow etc. Some of these birds are reared in cages, which is wrong. As people keep parrots in cages and keep them. So the same birds like sparrows sometimes live in homes by making their own nests.

All birds like to fly freely in the sky and we should give freedom to these birds. We should not keep them locked in cages.

national bird :

Our national bird is the peacock, which looks very beautiful and whenever it dances by spreading its wings in the rainy season, its beauty spreads all around and fascinates our mind.

importance of birds :

Birds have great importance in our life. Nature is also provided with the best colors through birds. We all can see the effect of positive energy from the chirping of birds and their sweet nature.

Sometimes it happens that some birds come to our house to feed. In such a situation, we have special love for those birds and their importance in our life increases even more.

Apart from this, birds also play an important role in saving and balancing our ecosystem.

characteristics of birds :

In this way, many types of birds are found around us, but if discussed carefully, there are some special characteristics of birds. Which is something like this –

1) Fur is found in the body of any type of bird, with the help of which they can protect themselves.

2) Birds have an admirable tendency to build their own nests, where they do the work themselves, from building the nest to laying eggs in it, without any help.

3) Even though birds are colorful, a sense of uniformity is seen in them and most of the species of birds are always seen in groups.

4) If you give love to a particular bird, you will receive love in return.

5) If there is chirping of birds around you, then it is believed that a situation of happiness and peace arises in the house and your future life also becomes correct to a great extent.

6) Even though the life span of birds is short, but in their entire life, they also make a special contribution to save the environment.

bird food :

Birds mainly do the work of picking grains and eating insects. In such a situation, if you keep grains outside your house, then definitely the birds come there and take the grains.

Apart from this, there are some pet birds who like to drink milk and who also like to eat bread. There are some main birds, who like to eat fruits. Most of these are the same birds who live in the forest and prefer to make their own nests.

bird farming :

By the way, it is not considered right to keep birds and it is always considered right to let them fly freely in the sky. But there are some such birds, through which people sell them and run the expenses of their household. In which mainly parrot, cuckoo, sparrow are birds.

In such a situation, bird farming is also seen as a business. Through bird farming, people also strengthen their economic condition and lead their lives.

Conclusion :

In this way it is seen that without birds the whole nature looks incomplete. In such a situation, if birds are seen around you, then give them love and affection. Because they are also an integral part of nature and through them the work of keeping nature balanced is also done.

10 Lines On Bird Essay :

  1. Birds are warm-blooded, feathered animals that have a beak, two wings, two legs, and lay eggs.
  2. They belong to the class Aves, and are found all over the world, in a wide range of habitats.
  3. Birds come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and exhibit unique adaptations that allow them to survive in their environments.
  4. They have a lightweight skeleton, which enables them to fly, and their wings are specially designed for efficient movement through the air.
  5. Birds are omnivorous and feed on a variety of foods, such as seeds, fruits, insects, fish, and small mammals.
  6. Many species of birds are known for their beautiful songs, which they use for communication and to attract mates.
  7. They play an important role in the ecosystem, as they help to control insect populations, pollinate plants, and disperse seeds.
  8. Some species of birds are migratory and travel long distances each year to breed and find food.
  9. Birds have been domesticated by humans for various purposes, such as for their meat, eggs, feathers, and as pets.
  10. Unfortunately, many species of birds are threatened by habitat destruction, hunting, pollution, and climate change, and conservation efforts are necessary to protect them.

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