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Drone is an electronic flying device which is power by an dc high voltage chargeable battery. mainly it consist of of 4 blades, 4 high speed dc motors, single powerful battery, one remote control intregated circuit and a strong body. A fan protector for safety is also given in drone. There are many types of drones are available in market.which is used for different-different purposes. This device is light weight and small in dimension due to easy fly-ability. Many electronic company are shifting towards the manufacturing of this type of drone because of low manufacturing cost and profitable margin.In this article we provide all the basic information about the drone. And told about there working,their uses,their types and many more regarding to drones. 

Today many types of drones are available in market like toy drone, camera drone and complex drone . This all types of drones are control by a single remote of particular frequency. But today we are capable to control this drone with mobile phone with help of wifi connectivity and bluetooth technology.This types of drones are use in many field for different purposes,which will we discuss below.  

Uses Of Drones

Remote sensing

  • In the field of remote sensing,Drones was prove very useful. Because with the help of this drones, we can able to sense the places where we cant go. some examples are like down the hill,near the sea,near volcanos,etc.This can also be used in determining the geographical nature of lands.

Safety surveillance by Air

  • Nowadays,drones are use for safety of commercial peoples in many smart citys of india. Drones are capable to record the video-photos of area and prevent that area from suspicious activity.It can be used for safety of crowd by flying over them. 

Motion Picture And Video Making

  • With the help of camera drones ,we can able to record the videos or movies by many different angles and positions in very short time.This videos will be more stable and accurate in nature.with the help of drones we can able to take the shoots from sky .And also from those places,where we cant able to go.

Natural Disaster Relief Process

  • with the help of this types of drones we can able to deliver the foods in large quantity. where the disaster is occurre. And also we can able to search the alive peoples in very short time where the disaster is occurre.

Types of Drones

Mainly there are four types of drones

1. Single Rotor Drones :

This type of drones consist only one motor with which drone can able to take off or land on surface.This types of drones are more power efficient in nature. But the stability of this types of drones is not that high compare to other drones.

2. Multi Rotor Drones :

In this type of drones,More than one motor is present so this drone is called multi rotor drone.Moreover this type of drones are more power consumer. But the stability of this drone is very high compare to other types of drone.

3. Fix-Wing Drones :

The wings of this types of drones are fix or stationary and single motor is provide to ganerate the overall thrust.Only wings are responsible for changing direction of drone and stability of drones.And this type of drones are comes under the category of power efficient drones.

4. Fix-Wing With Hybrid-VTOL Drone :

In this type drones there are 2 motors are available. One for lifting the drone and other for changing the direction of drones.The stability of this drones is slightly higher than fixed wing drones.


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