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Autobiography of a Coin
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 5 different types of Autobiography of a Coin are written. This Essay on Autobiography of a Coin are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an Autobiography of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and 1000 words in the below paragraphs. We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Autobiography of a Coin. This will be helpful for children to write an Autobiography of a Coin from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing an Autobiography of a Coin

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an Autobiography for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent Autobiography of a Coin, they should be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an Autobiography of a Coin:

  • What is Autobiography of a Coin.
  • Manufacturing of coin.
  • life of coin.
  • uses of coin.
  • Conclusion.

Short Autobiography of a Coin in 100 words


I am a coin which you must be using in your daily life. You must have spent or received me while buying any item. Man needs me the most when he has to buy an item of very low price or when there is a great need for money. At that time I become very important to man.

I keep coming from one man to another and from another to the third man. This coming and going of mine is very common and that is why no one remembers me much. So everyone forgets me after giving it to someone else. But I do not feel sad about this at all and I am also happy and full of enthusiasm to meet my new owner.

Autobiography of one rupee coin Coin in 200 words


I am a very small but very precious thing. I walk without legs. The world goes berserk at my curvaceous. There is no music sweeter than my voice! You recognize me? Yes, I am a one rupee coin.

I was born a few years back in Nashik Government Mint. That time was very painful for me. Many metals were melted and their hot juices were mixed together. It was cast in molds.

At the time of casting, the national emblem, the name of the country and the year were inscribed on one side. On the other side was a picture of a small family with a message on family planning. During that time I was in great pain.

Yes, after being made, I myself became fascinated by my shining form. As soon as I came out of the mint, I started on my journey. Then there was no inflation in the country like today. I had respect in the market. Since then till today I am traveling hand in hand. In this journey of life, I have been meeting different types of people. And I have seen the stingy as well as the generous.

I have also been offered in Satyanarayanji’s story and hundreds of times I have also reached hotels. And I have seen temples and also liquor houses. I have seen both the poverty of the poor and the richness of the rich very closely.

My value has also come down a lot over the years. Still there has been no decrease in the attraction of people towards me. Now I am very worn out. My luster has also gone. People hesitate even to take me! Friends, how did you like this essay, do tell by commenting.

Autobiography Of A Five Rupee Coin In 500 Words


Hey friends! I am a five rupee coin. I am that thing which can make any one happy. If people see me lying somewhere, unattended, they rush towards me and pick me up at once. Though I am old, I still feel like being young, as I am made of metal, I cannot die. unless I am recycled. Even damaging me takes a lot of effort, so even after so many years I’m still in my original round shape. I am heavier as compared to the other coins like 25 paisa, 50 paisa one or two rupees and I am of the highest denomination among the coins as well.

When I was born in a government mint, I was shining. Now with age, I have lost my shine but my value is as it is. Then I, along with many other coins was sent to a bank and we officially became the parts the economy when we were handed over by the bank to it’s customers. Since, then I have traveled from places to places and persons to persons.

Life of a coin like me is worth living. I have traveled the whole of India, since my seven years ago. I have seen the snowfall of Kashmir and the ocean at Knyakumar, I have seen the bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea. Also I have visited all the famous and worth watching monuments of India. I have seen each & every corner the Taj Mahal and seen the Balaji Temple many times.


I have an unrestricted access to place where only some can go like the President’s and the PM’s residences: There offices etc. I have seen them through the pockets but have us, their drivers and the workers of those person ever got an opportunity to get into their own pockets when that day will soon arise. But I hope I have seen the lives of everyone, form beggars to the Ambitious, form terrorists to the army chief, from common people to dignitaries, there is no class of humans that I’ve not seen.

My life is the full of experiences and this treasure of mine is still increasing. I only fear the day when I will be recycled. O God! please, let don’t come that day in my life unless & until I am able to work for my India. “Jai Hind”.

Autobiography of a Coin for students
Autobiography of a Coin for students

Autobiography of a Coin In 600 words


While changing clothes, a rupee coin fell from my pocket. Moving like a wheel, he came near my feet and stood like a servant standing near his master. Suddenly I felt that he was saying something that I am money, I am the biggest power in the world. Even then, the people of the world consider me as dirt on their hands and when I turn my face away from them, they run after me. They knock on the door of God and get worship done.

Babuji, I am also a child of Mother Earth. For years I have been sleeping peacefully in his lap. Like you, I also had a family, relatives. One day my house was being dug with the help of laborers and machines. Not my own family members; Rather, my entire caste was being taken out and thrown away. They were put in closed vehicles like prisoners and brought in front of the huge building. Seeing the scene inside, my every soul trembled. We had to be cleaned with a variety of chemicals. Had to bear that pain with my brothers. This new form of ours made me forget this pain.

He himself was mesmerized by his brightness. People were calling us by the name of silver soil. Still more troubles were written in fate; But now the power to bear the pain had come, with the hope of getting a new form. We were taken to the mint. The new form we got after suffering heart-rending pain there was very attractive. The shining circular body was enough to mesmerize everyone with its mesmerizing jingle. From that time you people started addressing us by the name of ‘Rupay’.

Uses of Coin

I was able to stay in this new family for only a few days when one day it was brought to the bank after being locked in an iron box. That bank was the Reserve Bank of India. I was suffocating in this captivity. To get rid of it, I also remembered God like a human being. He listened to me and one day the lock of the iron box opened. We were being taken out one by one. Fortunately, my number also came in it. The person to whom we were handed over through the hands of many persons, was a school peon. I thought that perhaps this new master of mine would be very generous and would give me a lot of love. But only a day or two had passed that his son took me out of his pocket and happily went towards the market.

He stood near a kiosk seller and throwing me towards him said, ‘Eight anna ka patta bana.’ Put it in a vessel of water. This pain was unbearable for me. But was forced. The same evening he went to the Baniya’s shop to pay the bill. Now I was in Baniya’s box. After two or three days’ imprisonment, I was again sent to the bank with my brothers. then reached the old condition; But this time it soon got a new look.

Long Autobiography of a Coin in 800 words


I am a one rupee coin. Centuries ago my ancestors were adorned with the name of Shaivya. His status was also much higher than mine. Before the independence of the country, the bodies of my ancestors were made of silver and the purchasing power of those shining silver ancestors of mine was immense. Each of my ancestors was equal to the value of one-and-a-half seers of ghee or one maund of rice. Taka or Taka is also the indigenous name of me and my forefathers and in some areas it is on the tongue of the people. After silver, the generations of coins made from nickel, copper, ranga etc. have also become old. Modern coins are made of pure steel and some mixture of other metals. I am also one of them.

In the British era, a definite scale of size, purity and weight of my ancestors was fixed so that no fraudster could cheat me. Manufacturing counterfeit coins is a punishable offense under the Indian Penal Code. Under this, there is a system of giving severe punishment to the culprit.

part 1 of Autobiography of a Coin : 

The sad story of my birth in a nutshell is that this gleaming form of steel of mine was first contained in the iron-ore bodies situated in the womb of the earth. I was taken out of the mines and taken to the steel factory. After passing through the painful process of crushing and sifting there, I became steel from raw.

Seeing my harsh shining form, I became happy and satisfied thinking that let’s get beaten up, whatever was to happen happened, but I also became shiny and strong. From there I was sent to Nasik for casting in the casting factory. I had to be melted in a blast furnace to get into my present form. Then nickel metals were also mixed in me to enhance my appearance. Well, it definitely melted, but after becoming a shining coin, it was also called rupee.

part 2 of Autobiography of a Coin :

From the mint, along with several of my twin brothers, I was packed in sacks and sent to the Reserve Bank. After a few days, I got freedom again and I reached the neck of a shopkeeper. I found many of my brothers and sisters in that village. Many of them were disfigured by wear and tear. Sometimes I used to look at these discolored brothers of mine with a sad chitvan and sometimes I used to look at my shining body. Sensing my mood, a friend of mine with a disheveled face said – What are you looking at like this brother? This is a matter of four days of moonlight and then a dark night.

I didn’t understand anything and kept staring at Saki silently. On this he said – Don’t understand but don’t worry, you will understand soon. When you have become fashionable, how long will you keep shining in one place? Arey, you will go from this hand to that four-six times, in people’s pockets and wallets, rub with other brothers, if you get out of the hands of children and jiggle on the floor, then in a short time you will become ugly and discolored like me. After listening to that brother’s words, before I thought about anything, the shopkeeper took me out and handed me over to one of his customers and then I reached the customer’s pocket.

part 3 of Autobiography of a Coin :

I am about three years old now. Twice I had the opportunity to be in the piggy banks of two different children. I rested in the first child’s piggy bank for two and a half months and in the second child’s piggy bank for fifteen days. Apart from this, I could not stay anywhere for more than four or five days.
Officer Employee Beggar Laborer Moneylender Seth Priest Leader Carpenter Blacksmith Minister Sentinel Mullah Tantrik Ojha Who all should I name? I have lived with all kinds of people of all ages and all genders. I have lived in the donation box of the temple as well as in the chest of the shopkeeper. Changing places: I have become used to my endless journey

Now whenever I look at my body, I remember the lion of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, but regret that I can rattle but cannot sing. I don’t know when and where you will make me walk near you, but when you looked at my discolored coin carefully, I told you my story considering you as a sympathizer. Bahrahal p Sher, please tell the visitor – my complexion has been ruined, my love has separated from me.

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