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Village Fair essay
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Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there are 7 different types of Village Fair Essay are written. This Essay are wrote in English language and arranged according to word count. You can able to get an essays of  100 words, 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and up to 1000 words in the below paragraphs.

We have prepared a lot of things insight about our Village Fair . This will be helpful for children to write an good Village Fair Essay from classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to 10th. Also some information about topics related to Village Fair  is also included in this article. Like How to write an essay about the Village Fair.

Some Key Points To Remember When Writing An Village Fair Essay

Young youngsters may be confused while writing an essay for the 1st time. They may also forget to shape it properly to make it meaningful or write inappropriate records making the composition glide from the given subject matter. To assist youngsters write an excellent piece on Village Fair, they ought to take be aware of those key factors that can come in accessible:

Here are key points to recall for all students when writing an Village Fair essay:

  • Explain Village Fair .
  • Explain Types of Fair.
  • characteristic of village fairs.
  • Importance of the fair.
  • Conclusion

Short Village Fair Essay of around 150 words :

The name of my village is Rampur. A big fair is held here every year. Today I am going to see the fair. I was very happy today because there is a lot to see in the fair. Different types of toys, colorful vehicles, sweets, clothes, books and food items are available in the fair.

I took a lot of toys to play with. There was also a magician in the fair, who used to make us children laugh by performing different types of magic. There was a big swing in the fair, it is called Udankhatola. I enjoyed it very much, sitting in the chakri car made me feel dizzy and everyone started laughing.

The acrobat driving the car in the well of death was showing off his tricks. Madari was making the monkey dance. We were in bad condition laughingly. In this way, we didn’t realize when it was evening and we all happily started towards home.

Village Fair Essay in 300 words

A village fair is a large gathering of people at a cultural place to celebrate a special occasion or festival. Typical fairgrounds often have a rich history of tradition and Indian culture associated with it. Most often it is associated with the actions of a god, goddess or local hero. Fairs give special moments to the people to enjoy with their family and friends.

In ancient times, the village fair used to be a source of trade, here traders got a chance to sell their goods. Apart from this, people also prefer to buy these goods at reasonable prices. The village fair is a traditional celebration of rural life. Fairs often have a ritual center, be it a sacred confluence of rivers, a sacred lake, or a shrine or temple where religious activities take place. Indian fairs are notable for bridging differences and bringing together participants from diverse religious, ethnic and linguistic communities.

In fact the fair has a very important place in India. Along with the means of entertainment, there is a lot to see commercially. Every fair is held with a special purpose. Which is enjoyed by the whole city or village. There are also many different types of fairs like religious fair, Kumbh fair, animal fair, book fair etc. All these fairs have their own specialty and each has its own purpose.

Although the fair is the most fun place for the children. Children jump with joy after coming here, but parents should take special care of their children in the crowded place of the fair. Because the problems of children getting lost in the crowd and kidnapping are quite common. That’s why you should be careful while going to the fair. With this, you can enjoy the fair to the fullest with caution.


In fact, the fair holds an important place in the life of a common class of people. Having a fair also brings entertainment and you can buy and sell a lot of things. When the fair is held, everyone gets a golden opportunity to spend two moments of happiness among themselves.

Village Fair essay

Essay on Village Fair in 350 words :


Fair has a very important place in India. Fair is one such place. Where the means of entertainment are available. It is also commercially important. Every fair is held for a special purpose. The fair gives an opportunity to the loved ones to spend time together.

Types of fair

It will not be wrong if India is called the country of fairs. Because in India one or the other fair is organized throughout the year. When many people gather at one place for some social, religious, business or other reasons, it is called a fair. There are many types of fairs like religious fair, Kumbh fair, animal fair, book fair etc.

Fair attraction

Fair is the most fun place for kids. Children jump with joy on hearing the name of the fair. There is a lot of crowd in the fair, sweet shops, and many other food and drink shops are set up in the fair.

In the fair, there are not only different types of shops but also fun swings. Children like to buy toys and swing in the fair. We go around the fair and enjoy different types of delicious dishes. Because of the fair, we get to spend time with our friends and family by taking time out of our busy lives.

Circus is held in many fairs where we get to see magic games. which we all like. While going to the fair, we should take money according to our need and spend it according to our need, we should not spend money on useless things.

Parents should take special care of their children in the fair. Because children get lost in the crowd and crimes like theft and kidnapping happen in places like fairs. So be careful while going to the fair so that you can enjoy the fair to the fullest without any worries.


There is a lot of crowd in the fair with entertainment. Where goods are bought and sold. Here we get a chance to spend two moments of happiness.

village sports fair essay

Sports have special importance in Indian culture. Like every year, this year also a two-day sports fair was organized with great pomp in our village. On this occasion the village was decorated with beautiful lights and flowers. The stage was decorated for the chief guest to sit in the playground and arrangements were also made for the audience to sit.

This fair was started by the State Sports Minister Kar Kamal. Before the start of the game, the Sports Minister met all the teams and while addressing them said that the players should play with the spirit of the game.

On the first day, 100, 200, 500 meters race and cricket match were organized. Kho Kho, Kabaddi, cycle race and bullock cart race were organized on the second day. At the conclusion of the sports fair, trophies were awarded to all the players who stood first, second and third in each category by the chief guest. In fact, the sports fair of our village was full of entertainment and inspirational for all.

Village Fair Essay of 500 words in English :


Rural fair is a very simple thing in India. Fairs are held in almost all parts of the country. Usually they are used only on the occasion of some religious festival. The place of the fair is usually held at some holy place only. Many small fairs are held on different occasions.

characteristic of village fairs

The special feature of village fairs is that they cater to the needs of the village people. Cattle market is an essential feature in almost every fair. There are permanent markets in the cities. That’s why people don’t feel lack of anything. They buy things of daily needs from the regular market. But, many things are not available in the regular markets in the village. So, they have to depend on the fair for all those things. Buying and selling of animals is the biggest attraction of the fair. The people of the city also come to the fair for this work.


In olden times, when there were no good roads to connect villages with cities and towns, then these fairs were very useful. Nowadays the importance of rural fair has reduced a lot. And Nowadays the fair is a place of entertainment rather than a necessity. Nowadays the fair provides a change in the monotony of daily life. People go there to watch the spectacle and to enjoy the company of other people.

People come from all around to sell their goods in the fair. Temporary shops are set up. They are kept in different queues. Usually shops of one thing are kept in a row. On one side there are confectionery shops. And On the other side there are shops of iron utensils. On the third side, there are shops of iron boxes in the queue. Then there are shops selling blankets, rugs, toys, books, shoes, wooden items, loom clothes, medicines etc. Apart from these there are hawkers who move around the fair and sell their wares. They sell flutes, paper umbrellas and other toys that are particularly attractive to children.

There is a lot of activity everywhere in the fair. Things are bought and sold and there is almost always a big push.


It provide as a meeting place for those who live far away from each other. People meet friends and relatives who live far away, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet. The fair is a great boon for the traders. Traders sell their defective goods very easily in the fair.

Apart from the shops, there are some other attractions in the fair. Theatre, Charkhi, magician’s play, Jhula, Ramlila-party etc. provide a lot of entertainment to the people visiting the fair.

The fair has a special utility. This is a good place for advertising and promotion. People from different places gather in the fair so the news of any new thing – produce or invention easily spreads around.

Fair is indeed a good thing, as it provides recreation and enjoyment and promotes trade and industry.

Essay on Village Fair for students in 550 words :


A fair held in a village is called a village fair. It is a traditional occasion of rural life. It is a great source of entertainment. And It takes place in the open field or in the market place. It can also be found on the banks of a river or canal. It is usually held once a year. And It is usually held on the occasion of a religious festival or on the day of the Bengali New Year.

fair display

The village fair lasts for about a day or a week. Toys, wooden utensils, pottery, baskets, cosmetics, etc. are sold here. The village fair has some special attractions. The most attractive items are Circus Parties, Jatra Parties, Puppet Shows, Magic Shows etc. They provide entertainment to children and adults. Children buy toys, kites, flutes and sweets from the village fair. There are also some flaws in the village fair. Sometimes gamblers gamble. It harms the youth. Pickpockets also take advantage of the opportunity amidst the crowd. Despite having some demerits, it has some instructive and traditional values. It testifies to tradition.

Importance of the fair

Village fair is a very ancient event in the villages of Bangladesh, most of the villagers work and earn their livelihood in the village. The village fair partly helps the villagers to fulfill this need. Some people come here to buy goods. Others come to sell goods. In a word, the village fair is a mirror for the villagers.

Temporary stalls are set up at the fair site. Articles of daily use such as wooden utensils, earthen pots and jars, made of bamboo or made of cane

Baskets, household items etc are bought and sold here. Small traders bring various clothes, toys, dolls, balloons, ready-made garments and other useful things. Some sell sweets. Girls come to buy bathing soaps, ice-powder, spectacles, combs, ribbons etc. There are different types of entertainment.

Fair Fair

Traveling jatra parties, circus parties, Nagordola attract visitors. Cinema parties show pictures to people in a big pandal. Snake charmers and magicians show a different technique. There is a huge crowd of people there. Gambling is sometimes permitted at the fair. It ruins the simple and innocent people. Along with this obscene dances are also performed. It encourages the villagers to improve their cottage industries and handicrafts. It brings joy, entertainment and refreshment to the villagers.


The life of the villagers is generally monotonous. In such a situation, a fair once a year breaks the monotony and adds joy to their lives. It creates ripples of happiness all around. So the government should encourage fairs under careful management.

A Village Fair Essay – Essay 6 in (600 words)


The village fair is an annual gathering of people. In a village fair, people gather to sell and buy local products. It brings excitement and entertainment to the people of the village.

Fair occasion

The village fair is held once a year. It is usually held on the day of Bengali New Year. And It is also organized on the occasion of religious festivals. It is usually held in the months of Baisakh, Paush and Chaitra. It may last for a day, a week or a fortnight. A larger numberes of men, women and children gather here.

There are many games for kids, such as moving giant wheels, merry-go-round, etc. They have different traditional songs and dances, which are mostly performed under the beautiful stars, under the night sky. Thousands of people come from all over the world to experience this kind of life.

Fair details

A village fair is held in some open place. There is no permanent shed in the village fair. Temporary sheds are erected for sale and display of goods. Dolls, wood works, pottery and jars, baskets made of bamboo, fancy items and sweets are sold in the village fair. They sell cheap.

The village fair has many attractions. Jatra, circus, kite flying, merry-go-round, magic show and puppet show are the main attractions of the village fair. Circus parties often bring tigers, bears, monkeys and elephants. They show funny games. Flutes, kites and toys for children are also an attraction. Young girls buy bangles and cosmetics.

Generally a fair is organized in a village during a famous festival. They have a lot of temporary stalls with a variety of items, like sweets, the famous mouth-watering bonds and pakoras, toys, etc., all of which attract kids, who in turn ask their parents to buy something for them. beg for. Some items make most adults curious to know what’s in each item.

Utility or importance of the fair

The village fair is very useful for the villagers. It provides for the entertainment of the people of the village. And It helps in small scale business and trade. It encourages local industry and agriculture. And It’s like an exhibition. Weavers, artisans, blacksmiths and carpenters earn money by selling their products.

Demerits of village fair

There are also some drawbacks in the village fair. It lacks proper hygiene. This increases the risk of spreading epidemics and diseases. When all the people meet together in the fair, the risk of infection increases. Also, cleanliness is not given much attention in the fair, due to which many diseases get a chance to take birth. Is found.


The village fair is useful for the people in many ways. The village fair is a source of joy for the people of the village. It has a deep connection with our life and culture. In fact, fairs are the happiest moment of everyone’s life and being a part of village fair is even more exciting. Away from the noisy city life, pollution-free air and the smell of roasted corn, you can really feel relaxed and caught up with the moment at a village fair.

Long Village Fair Essay of 650 words :


Everyone likes to go to the fair. The enthusiasm to see the fair and participate in it is seen in all the people. There are not so many facilities available in the villages as in the cities. Whenever a fair is organized in the village, there is a wave of happiness among all the people. People get ready well to go to the fair.

Magicians come to the village fair who entertain everyone by showing their magic. In the fair, magicians fascinate everyone with their magic. Children especially like magician games.

Toy shops, sweets shops, everything from books to food and drink are available in the fair. There are many types of games in the fair like motor bike stunts. He rides a bike into the well of fire. It is very risky to do so. Those who perform such feats do not care about their lives. He does such stunts for the entertainment of the people. It takes guts to pull off such risky stunts. He is also trained.

laughing points in fair

The fair attracts everyone from children to adults. On hearing the name of the fair, the children do not get elated. There are also swings in the fair on which children become very happy sitting on them. Parents often buy toys and give them to their children at the fair. Children become very happy after getting toys.

Everyone laughs at the monkey dancing in the fair. Madari makes many gestures to make the monkey dance. The monkey dances on those signals. Village fairs are very popular in India. People spend time in the fair from morning till evening. Fairs are often held during festivals. At that time people have a holiday. During the holidays, people go to see the fair with their relatives.

Many types of fairs

A fair is held every year in India. There are many types of fairs like religious fair, book fair, Kumbh fair.

The most fun filled place for children is the fair. People enjoy different dishes in the fair. Everyone likes to eat different types of delicious food. People are so busy nowadays that they are unable to give time to their friends and family.

Everyone enjoys the circus in the fair. People will be found performing different types of tricks in the circus. People in the fair become very happy after seeing the circus.

Children often get lost in the crowd of the fair. Parents should keep their children with them. Should not be allowed to separate from them. It is the major responsibility of the elders to protect them. Children sometimes get lost in fairs and are abducted.

We all should be careful in the fair. Parents should keep their children safe especially in crowded places. Clothing shops are also present in the fair. There people buy clothes by bargaining. Seeing chaat carts and ice balls in the fair, everyone older than children remains excited.


The fair fills everyone’s heart with happiness. The village fairs are very attractive. Fairs are organized on many festivals like Dussehra fair, Shivratri fair. People actively participate in all these fairs. Village life is very simple. The villagers are very straight forward, innocent people. As soon as a fair is organized in the village, people become very happy. People cherish all the moments spent with the family in the fair.

Long Essay on A Village Fair in 1000 words


A lot of entertainment is obtained from the fair. You all know that there is no special place to visit in the village. There is no cinema hall, mall or any theater etc. In such a way, the villagers get a lot of entertainment through the fair.

It also has many advantages. Many shopkeepers, traders earn good profits by selling goods in the fair. Children always like to see the fair. There would hardly be any child who does not like to watch the fair.

Children get many things to eat and drink at the mela. Toffees, biscuits, old lady’s hair, balloons, toys, shoes, slippers, clothes, different types of swings are seen. Our school also had a holiday on Shivratri.

Part 1 A Village Fair Essay

It was already decided that today parents will take us to the fair. My younger brother Suresh was insisting me to go to the fair again and again. “Suresh, take a quick shower and do your school homework. Then we will go to see the fair” I told him

By 5 pm my parents took me to see the Shivratri fair. There was a lot of peoples in the fair. People were visible everywhere. Many people had also come from the neighboring villages around us. There were many lights all around the fair. All the shops were dazzled with light. There we got to see many shops. There was a crowd of children at the toy shop.

All the children were insisting on buying toys from their parents. My younger brother Suresh also started saying to his mother after seeing the toys – “Mummy! I want that monkey toy.” That toy was very nice. There was a plastic monkey in it, in which he used to play the drum when the key was filled. That toy was worth 70 rupees.

Part 2 A Village Fair Essay

Mummy also wanted to please Suresh, so she bargained with a toy shop and bought that toy for Rs.50. Suresh was very happy after getting the monkey toy. When we moved ahead, we got to see many shops of readymade clothes. Now even people in villages like to wear clothes like cities.

Many clothes like jeans, t-shirts, lowers, trousers, shirts, caps, jackets were available at that shop. There was a crowd of youth there. Young boys and girls were busy buying clothes from that shop. If we read further, we got to see many more shops. There was commotion all around in the fair. People were jostling.

“Ram! Look, you keep your pocket carefully, otherwise someone will steal your purse” my father told me. There are a lot of thefts in the fair, that’s why he said so. On moving forward, we came across many shops.

We all stopped at the shooting shop. There were many balloons fixed on a wall in that shop and they had to be burst by aiming with a gun. Whoever bursts the maximum number of balloons would get a prize.

Part 3 A Village Fair Essay

Papa was also very happy to see this shop. He wanted to shoot. He gave 10 rupees to the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper handed him the gun. Papa started aiming at the balloons. But after shooting 10 times, he was able to burst only two balloons. That’s why he didn’t get anything in reward.

Clothes for women were also being sold in the fair, at one shop many clothes like sarees, salwar suits, cardigans, leggies, sweaters, jackets were available for women. My mother had to buy a sweater.

He liked a pink colored sweater which was of 500. After bargaining, the shopkeeper gave Rs.400. Mummy was also very happy to get the sweater. After that we all got hungry.

Mom, Dad, Suresh and I went to a chaat cart where we all ate water balls. After that everyone had chaat which was very tasty and flavourful. The fair was huge which was yet to be seen. So far we were able to see only half of the fair. If you move a little further, you can see many swings there. Different types of swings were there in that fair.

I really liked the motorized train. Children used to sit in that train and that train used to go round and round. We were moving forward on foot. After that we got to see many swings. The biggest swing was huge.

Part 4 A Village Fair Essay

It will be at least 50-60 feet tall. That swing was visible from a long distance. Tube lights were burning all around in it which looked very beautiful. All the children were sitting in that swing with their parents. The children screamed loudly as the swing went up. He used to feel scared but he also enjoyed a lot.

“Speak Ram! Which swing do you want to sit on? Papa spoke. “Father! I want to sit on this big swing” I said. After that Papa bought tickets for everyone. The cost of a ticket was Rs.30. We all sat on the swing. As soon as all the seats of the swing were full, the swinger started running it, it was an electric swing.

At first he went up slowly. We all were having fun, but we were also feeling very scared. After a few days the speed of the swing increased and everyone started trembling with fear. The swing was going up and down very quickly. It seemed that we all might break and fall somewhere. But nothing like this happened.

The swing continued for 5 minutes and we got goosebumps. Everyone shouted a lot. Some children started vomiting. In this way we all enjoyed the Shivratri fair of the village to the fullest. By 9:00 pm I returned home with my family. I still remember that swing day.


FAQs on Village Fair Essay

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