essay on pollution

Essay On Pollution In 1000 Words | Types | Effects |

1000 Words Essay On Pollution Hello friends, Welcome to . In this article there is an essay on pollution is written. This essay on pollution is written in English language and arrange in the manner of types of pollution. You can able to get an essays of 1000 plus words on pollution. This pollution essay mainly contains, three main types …

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top 10 facts

TOP 10 Facts Of World In English and Hindi

छिपकली का दिल 1 मिनट में 1000 बार धड़कता है. 9. Cigarette lighters were discovered before matches. सिगरेट लाइटर की खोज माचिस से पहले हुई थी. 8. Apple company founder Steve Jobs never had a number plate on his car. Apple company के फाउंडर स्‍टीव जॉब्‍स की कार पर कभी भी नंबर प्‍लेट नहीं लगी. 7. In …

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Biotechnology is the use of organisms, their parts or processes, for the manufacture or production of useful or commercial substances and for the provision of services such as waste treatment. The word denotes a wide range of processes from the use of bacteria as a source of medicines (antibiotics), use of a stem cell to …


Natural Resources

Types Of Resources (Natural resources)

Types of resources are mainly classified into two major types,which are nothing but The Natural resources and Man made resources. Hello friends, welcome to our site In this article we have given the information about Types Of Resources, Natural resources and their types like water resources, mineral resources, Energy resources. we also given the information …

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